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Envato! Stop this please. If business works - let it works. Otherwise you loose your authors.


Will our projects automatically be available on Elements, or is this something we have to choose? Because, at the end of the day we can just choose not to upload our projects on Elements, and thereby keep the quality of those projects lower than here on Videohive. If on the other hand our projects automatically are uploaded on elements, this will probably result in a LOT of authors leaving.

This is the worst gift for the new year! Why are you doing this to us, Envato? Please do not do this. Reading experience already made at other sites( themeforest, graphicriver) - continue to work with you will no longer be so profitable.

VideoHive will become a new Photodune… :frowning: Ciao Adios to VideoHive Sales

Who’s next? Hmm… Oh Yeah: AudioJungle :slight_smile:

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Actually, it is not so bad. Looks bad, but it isn’t. That’s just life:)

To be honest, I have been expected this for a long time.

Envato must adapt, and the only way to stay on top in this game is to be competitive. The other marketplaces, like Videoblock you should actually blame for this. Envato simple response to their strategy to survive. That’s my opinion.
The fact is: yes, it will be lot of solid templates there that you can purchase for pennies,but…BIG but… creative ones will remain on Videohive with their original price. And you will have buyers in both category.
"if your client wants blue pants, it is no matter if you can purchase every other possible color for pennies when you still would need only the blue one "
Bottom line, create original content and you will still have sales on Videohive. And if you as Videohive author don’t produce sales in a future, that means that you as an Elements author will be making more money than you use to do as Videohive author:)
I hope other authors will find logic here…Off course this was just my humble opinion:slight_smile:


Ok so let me understand a couple of things:

If I’m part of Elements I can keep my files on both Videohive and Elements.
If i’m not part of Elements then I will have to compete with items even cheaper than videohive., and since with 29$ thieves can download thousands of $ worth of items I’ll probably also have to compete with warez sites.

Is there anyone from other marketplaces who is already into Elements that can give us some opinions?
I guess it would be great to be into Elements but a nightmare to compete with it.

Good luck people!

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Most authors prefer freelancing in this case. This is evident without research

Some authors were right a few month ago, meaning that “Videohive has stopped”

You get 50% on Elements as a non-exclusive. On the marketplace, you get 36% being non-exclusive and 50 to 70% for exclusive. Well, you don’t, as your earnings are based on a percentage of the item price, but still… you get the idea.

As for the $1 you’ll get from Elements for a template… where are you getting that number from? But still, even if it was $1, as it doesn’t cost the subscriber anything to download your template, they’re more likely to do so than somebody who has to pay $10 for the privilege. More sales, less commission… more commission less sales… it’s swings and roundabouts. I’m sure the Elements revenue probably won’t be as much as your marketplace revenue, but from what Envato are saying, you won;t just lose X marketplace revenue and gain exactly the same X back from Elements revenue… you’ll (on average) see increases over and above that.

Very bad news


It was best 3 years on the videohive till now…
What happens next?

  1. Sales falling.
  2. Authors will try “elements”
  3. Earning falling.
  4. Excusive Authors sets to non-exclusive.
  5. Earning falling again.
  6. Authors stop approving new content.
  7. Guess what? Earnings falling!
  8. Authors leaving the videohive and trying another stocks.
  9. Sales stopped.
  10. Your wife has gone.
  11. Your dog has gone too.
  12. You died.
    The end.

Yes this is a bit frightening… I not sure to understand the real impact of this decision. Maybe this isn’t bad news… ?
Is there any feedback from Themeforest or Photodune authors ? What was the real financial impact for them.
How much do you get paid for a sale on your item if its part of the Elements collection as there is no more price but just a monthly subscription ?


Pricing and revenue at Elements :

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I think Elements could be a fine addition if it has some cheap value basic assets for both authors / buyers - textures, simple 3d models, some primitive backgrounds or transitions, also move 1$ Sound Fx from AJ for example, etc.

But if there will be complicated high end products and templates…+ all items manually picked by staff!! Yeah, it is amazing for customers. But not sure about authors. I think current price/quality is already the best on VideoHive for buyers, what’s the point to make it even less value?


I think this is in the control of us the authors. Elements can have a very positive effect or quite a negative effect.

I think the general/ similar/ trendy items have a place in elements, as you mentioned, this is of great value to customers while adding revenue to authors who would like to do a basic template from time to time.

On the other hand, the more elaborate templates and packages deserve their own place in the market, they offer so much value that it is simply ridiculous to be offered at 29$ monthly access for all. These projects have so many work put into them that they are completely stand alone products with significant value, they are not simply an other project. If these projects are kept for Envato Market/ Videohive, Videohive can end up being an invaluable resource of well thought, creative and elaborate projects, and I am sure these have their place in the market.

We can choose to build up Videohive together or destroy it. It is really in our hands. Of course a little help in maintaining this infrastructure from Envato Staff would be great.


This is the worst gift for Christmas ever. Why Envato so careless about his sellers? It’s really disappointing :frowning:


Of course, I do not sit at the head of the board of the Envato and I can not see everything as they are from the heights, but I do not understand, if the Videohive needs such changes at the moment ?!

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This is a very smart way to see things and I quite agree with you.
Elements can be something very dangerous for Videohive but it can also make some room for creativity and high end templates on Videohive. Elements would become a space with a lot of choice and extra income for smart authors working well and fast on small items.

Is there an 8 months long queue on Elements too? :joy:


Oh yeah, finally done it. Envato steers !!!