I received the Elements Invitation

Hi nexus-digital-market,

Louis here from Envato, hope you’re doing well!

You’re invited to join Envato Elements for Video Templates. We’ve spent countless hours looking at portfolios on VideoHive in search of our best Authors and think you could be a great fit.

Elements is a great way for you to reach new customers and earn more. In fact, monthly subscriptions & author earnings on Elements are growing steadily.

Why should I consider Envato Elements?

  • No exclusivity requirements!
  • Join a strictly limited, small group of high-quality authors
  • Authors on Elements share in 50% of the net revenue from subscribers, divided using our innovative Subscriber Share method
  • Experience a whole new revenue stream for your new and existing items. One submission, 2 platforms!
  • Reach a new audience, including agencies, marketers, designers & producers
  • Marketing & promotion investment from Envato to continuously grow the paying subscriber base. Now is a good time to join!

What others are saying

Here are some examples of what others are saying about their earnings on Elements:

"February, best month for me as well! Every month is a new record so far since November!”

“WOW! I’ve got 200% from VH earnings! That’s unbelievable!”

“Earning reports just get better and better for me with each month, Thanks Elements!"

“Pleased with my earnings, feeling encouraged to offer more for subscribers, and feeling excited about the future of Elements. Thank you Envato!”

@JoshuaSprague Thank you for this amazing experience, a few months like this and I will buy a ticket to Melbourne and come shake your hand!”

What do I need to know?

  • You will be able to choose which Video Templates you want on Elements
  • All new items will continue to be uploaded & reviewed via VideoHive & you can choose if you wish to opt-in them into Elements

I’m interested, what do I do next?

All you need to do at this stage is express your interest as soon as possible. We’ll then provide more detailed information on next steps.

Just hit reply now and let us know you’re interested!

Look forward to hearing from you soon & if have any questions let us know

What do you think I should do?

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Why did you apply for invitation if you now don’t know what to do?


It’s good that you’ve been selected. As for the elements, it’s way better for the videos, graphics and similar compared to WordPress and plugins in terms of revenue. So, just say yes!

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You should be happy for that… your earning will be doubled with Elements :+1:

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Hey, @Creattive In fact, Envato sends an invitation to the authors, without the fact that they fill out an application for an invitation. I received this invitation twice and I’ve declined it twice as well.

But it’s so fun to read how Envato proposes to read the positive reviews of authors. Of course, there will never be any negative reviews. For example, similar to when Pinkzebra (Power Elite Author) deleted 90% of his works that were added on Elements because it affected his sales in the main market.

The forum will always have two opinions on what you need to do. The best way is to find and read both positive and negative reviews that have not yet been deleted. If you want my opinion - I think you need to reject it. when the elements were launched Envato told us one information, then they changed many their words - reduced the subscription price several times, made it possible to upload AE templates and WordPress themes by monthly subscription, although earlier they said that there would be only an annual, they said that the elements will be a small separate market, but now they began to make promotions among the authors to increase the library, they said that the elements are only for a new type of customers, but they are still silent about how many regular customers they made it into a “new type of clients” with the help of an aggressive marketing company, etc. In general, there are a lot of moments because of which I personally would not trust Envato about any words about Elements, because tomorrow these words can be changed.

Also, do not forget that Elements is a dumping market in relation to the main markets, and Envato is advertising this dumping market in the main markets. Do not believe if someone says that Elements is not a dumping market, because, from the point of view of economic concepts, this is exactly the dumping market in relation to the main one. Thus, by uploading your work to Elements in the medium term you may earn a little more than just with help of the main market, but in the long term, you will chop the branch on which you are sitting.

But you can read the positive reviews of other authors and join the Elements - this is your right. I just expressed my point of view on the basis of what has happened since Elements appeared.


Yes. It would be honest if Envato attached negative reviews too. The amount of negative feedback is much more than positive.

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Yeah, it would be great…

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I thought they only did that at the beginning of Elements, but if this is so then this thread makes sense :smiley:

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Thank You for Your Ideas