I received the Elements Invitation

My God, I can’t believe that I also received the invitation to join the Envato Element! It’s a real boon in an environment where VideoHive sales continue to be sluggish.I hope all of us can have a good return in the new year, thank you!


Welcome! Did you get access to Elements forum?

Thank you!
In fact, I’m still confused about the follow-up operations, and I haven’t seen the entrance to the Elements Forum. After I received the invitation letter, I just replied to Louis that I was interested, maybe waiting for his confirmation.

I see, that’s ok. it usually takes less than a week for confirmation. Than you’ll get access to the forum and you’ll see your items on Elements

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You are so kind,Thank you! You will be a benchmark for my study and I am eager to benefit from your successful experience.

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You are welcome! There will be lots of new information about Elements system, you can find lots of answers on Elements forum, but if anything - feel free to ask)

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Good luck :+1:

Thank you, pxlzero! :smile:

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Do you WANT your material on Elements?


Congratulations and good luck! :wink:

With that MG portfolio YuElaine should perform quite well on Elements, so overall income will definitely grow

In fact, I’m not sure if joining EE is the right choice. But since this year, there have been some friends on the VideoHive forum. They have been invited to join EE, and they are said to have a good income. I want to have a try.


Best of luck, I hope it proves to be a positive move for you!

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Do you applied for it. Or they have invited you. Because i have applied for it. But i did not get any reply. I dont know what guidelines they are choosing for authors.

You can apply again some time after previous application ( i think 30+ days after the previous), Show case your best works in the links provided in the application, Apply for stock video too in the same application if you have Motion Graphics items. If not in first attempt, you may get it after few attempts, Best of luck

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Thanks for the advice. I will try to apply again.

Please forgive me for my late reply.I didn’t apply for the entry element. It’s an invitation. I quote part of the original email:

I’m excited to be extending an invitation for you to join Envato Elements.

We would love to have you join Envato Elements for Motion Graphics.

This offer doesn’t go out to just anyone. Our community of authors on Elements is handpicked, so, congratulations on being selected.

But a week has passed since I received the invitation email, and I still haven’t finished the process of joining Elements.

At present, I have completed two steps according to Louis’s two e-mails.

First email: reply to me with “I’m interested.”.

Second email: (a) agree to author’s terms
(b) please enter your payment details so that we can make monthly payment

I have replied to both of the above emails, and I am eagerly waiting for Louis to send me a third email, which is quoted as follows:

Let me know when you’ve completed these 2 steps. and we’ll send you a separate email with important information about how to publish your items to Elements.

I replied to my second email five days ago (December 10). I waited for three days and didn’t receive the message. Three days later (December 13), I replied again, but so far I haven’t received any follow-up letters. The first two e-mails were answered quickly, but the third Email was not received. I was confused and disappointed, and I didn’t know what was wrong. At present, I can visit the author account page of the element, but I can’t see any of my projects, add projects, or search my works. It seems that the process of joining Elements has been interrupted before it is finished. Maybe I have been forgotten. Is anyone in the same predicament? Maybe it’s not a good way for me to post this reply in the author forum, but from the initial excitement to the present disappointment, I’m really confused. I hope to receive Louis’s third email as soon as possible.

Don’t worry the mail will come. It’s only 3 work days, nothing unusual that envato takes longer than this. My guess is this week you will receive the mail.

A few days of waiting are not so important if you stay at Elements for months to years.

:disappointed_relieved:7 days have passed … I really appreciate your kind words :blush:I saw hope again,Thank you!Maybe I really need a little more patience.

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