Elements Video Triple Earnings promotion - Q&As

If you sell video items on Elements, we have some big news for you…

From 3 October 2021, our Triple Rewards promotion has been opened up to all video items on Elements - so you can now receive an earnings bonus for Video Templates, Motion Graphics and Stock Footage items.

That means that all new video content submitted to Elements between October 3, 2021 and May 3, 2022 will earn 3x usage fees for the first 90 days that it’s available to customers.

Make sure you have plenty of items ready to submit over the coming months, so you can watch the rewards roll in!

More information:

If you have any questions about this promotion, please ask away - our team will be regularly monitoring this thread, and we’ll keep our FAQ updated with questions raised here.



Today I received email about Triple Rewards for video template content. And immediately have a question:

Will we get info about earnings BEFORE Australian taxes applied?

It’s important for correct bookkeeping.



I read the letter several times and could not find an explanation anywhere to which platform this promotion belongs. To the Elements or to the Videohive. I would like to receive clarification.

Heya! I can clarify that it’s a promotion for Elements authors only :grin:

Aha, I thought this will be for videohive, that’s mean if we upload new content to Elements we will get Triple Rewards for 90 days.

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As someone who signed up end of July on the triple bonus promotion i still don’t understand or see it reflecting. Will wait this month and see, i was told there will be a separate statement issued but still havent received anything.

@secondfalseiteration I’ll get more information for you on the earnings information. I believe that Stock Footage authors are currently receiving an email with all the earnings details, before their bonus payment is processed each month - I’ll confirm what that process looks like now that we’re adding Video Templates and Motion Graphics to the promotion.

@rushay1977 You should see your first Triple Rewards bonus payment for your Stock Footage items this month, with details on the payment via email.


Thanks for that info Ben.

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hi, BenLeong, I have a question.

I create motion graphics template , I’m also able to receive triple earnings?

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Hi @IceMotion. Yes you can, for any items uploaded from today (Oct 3) until the promotion ends on May 3 next year :slight_smile:

We’ve just updated our Help Centre article with details on the promotion, now that it’s opened up to Motion Graphics and Video Template items - you can see full details at Triple Rewards FAQs.


thank you for information, BenLeong :slight_smile:

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Few Questions,

How the Withholding Tax will be calculated?

Will there be a Separate Tax form? or will it be integrated with Envato Elements Tax form?

From When Bonus will be Paid out?
Say I released the file on 4th October, Do i need to wait for 90 days for my first payment? or will it be paid on December (October Payout)

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Hi @StrokeVorkz. Sorry for the slow reply - I’ve checked these with our payments team, and they had the following information:


Withholding tax will be calculated in the same way tax is calculated for their usual item earnings, i.e. it is considered a royalty and the same rate will apply.

Tax forms:

Authors’ current w forms (Tax Information in Market) will be used for determining tax rates.

Reporting and payment dates:

Triple rewards will not be reported on a separate US or AU tax summary to their usual item earnings.

Triple rewards are paid out at the same cadence as item earnings, i.e. triple rewards for October earnings will be paid in December. You’ll see any bonus payments processed in the Incentives payment cycle on the 20th of the month; regular earnings are processed on the 16th.


Perfect, Thank you

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HI, there, I wonder how to see the results about my triple bonuses, where can I see them? thank you :slight_smile:

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I’ve also been trynna figure out where I would get this cos up to now I’ve not received any sort of indication and I’m going on month 4 now.

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Is the triple bonus active already from september subscribers, or only going to count from october ?
I added almost all my file to elements on october 4th,

anyone can explain this? please!

@rushay1977 Have any of your videos been downloaded for the month? Triple rewards will apply to items that have been sold/downloaded.

Update: Looks like you have and the team has been updating you :smiley: