New Triple Rewards promotion for Elements Stock Footage Authors

Great news! We’re launching our first ever Triple Rewards initiative, for Elements Stock Footage Authors.

What does this mean?

We’re giving you the opportunity to triple your usage fee earnings on new stock footage content for 90 days.

How long do I have?

You can submit content to be part of this campaign until 3 August 2021, so you’ve got time to create your best content yet!

This sounds great! How do I get involved?

Glad you asked! All you need to do is opt in here.

Once you’ve opted in, any new stock footage content you submit between 3 May and 3 August will be eligible for Triple Rewards, for 90 days from the date of publication.

You can find more information on the Author Help Centre, and check out the full Terms and Conditions. Plus, as always, you can use this forum to ask any questions you might have.

We look forward to seeing your great new content!


Terms & Conditions

  1. This promotion is open to all Envato Elements Authors, across Elements and Market (Market Authors will be required to join Elements to be eligible). All Authors will be required to opt-in to this promotion to be eligible.
  2. Triple Rewards will be calculated for Stock Video Footage items submitted between 2 May 2021 and 3 August 2021. The Triple Rewards are calculated as twice (2x) the revenue share attributed to Envato Elements Individual and Teams customer item downloads of those Stock Video items for ninety (90) days. The ninety (90) day period starts from each Stock Video item’s publication date (for example: this means some Authors will earn for 90 days up to early November if they publish items early August).
  3. The Envato Elements Content Bonus Program is not impacted by the Triple Rewards program.
  4. There will be a 7 day grace period for any new Stock Video Footage item that was uploaded 7 days prior to the campaign going live and the Author opts-in the first 7 days the campaign is live, from 3 May to 9 May.
  5. Triple Rewards cannot be used in conjunction with any other existing offer.
  6. Our Acceptable Use Policy applies. Envato reserves the right to remove Authors from the program if they are not participating in the spirit of the program, for example:
    • They remove and re-publish content from their portfolio to earn triple on previous existing content
    • They submit too much low quality or spam content
    • Any other attempt is made to game the system
  7. Authors will receive Triple Rewards in accordance with our standard payment processes. If required by law, we may deduct or withhold taxes, such as withholding taxes, prior to payment to you.
  8. Envato reserves the right to stop or extend the program at any time.


What is Triple Rewards?

Triple Rewards for Stock Footage is a new pilot we’re running at Envato to encourage our Elements Authors to publish more Stock Footage which will be licensed by our customers.

How does Triple Rewards work?

Authors will be required to opt-in to Triple Rewards (the opt-in link is available in our Elements Forums). After opting in to Triple Rewards Stock Footage Authors will receive triple earnings (3x usage fee) for 90 days when content is submitted between 3 May and 3 August.

What do I have to do to get Triple Rewards?

All you need to do is opt in via this form, and then any new stock footage content you submit will be eligible.

Will all of my content earn Triple Rewards?

Only new content submitted between 3 May and 3 August will be eligible for Triple Rewards. Content must be licensed for the usage fee to be tripled.

How long will I get Triple Rewards for?

You can earn Triple Rewards for 90 days from the date the item is published.

When will I be paid my Triple Rewards earnings?

Triple Rewards earnings will be paid separately to your regular Elements payment, on a monthly basis, until the 90 days of Triple Rewards eligibility has completed.

Will I have to pay tax on my Triple Rewards?

Authors will receive Triple Rewards in accordance with our standard payment processes. As the Triple Rewards constitutes a royalty, Australian royalty withholding tax may apply.

Is the Triple Rewards bonus available for other content types?

Our first Triple Rewards promotion is focused on Stock Footage only. Future promotions may involve other item types - we’ll share details of those plans as they become available.

My Elements account was approved for a different content type, but I also produce stock footage. Can I enter?

In order to benefit from this promotion, you’ll need the ability to upload new Stock Footage to Elements. If you originally applied to sell a different content type (for example, Graphic Design), you will need to reapply here in order to gain upload access to the Stock Footage category.


Ahoy. Motion graphics included in ‘stock footage’, right? Cheers!


How will this Triple Rewards be funded? Will this affect earnings from other Elements Authors or will it come from Envato expenses?


I’m trying to understand what “triple your usage fee earnings” actually means. So, for example, for new video clips I publish to Elements, instead of me earing .10 cents per sale, I would earn .30 cents per sale?

Hi all. Thanks for the questions so far!

Not in the current promotion, unfortunately. We’re focusing on Stock Footage as we test out this approach. We will be considering options for incentivising other content types in future, though.

Envato will be paying for the Triple Rewards promotion from funds set aside to support the growth of our content library and Elements. Funds used for this promotion do not have any impact on normal author earnings.

That’s correct: if you opt in to this promotion (by filling out the form in the first post), each Stock Footage item that you upload after opting in will earn triple the regular amount for the first 90 days that it is available on Elements.

For example, if you opted in today and upload Item A on May 20th, and Item B on June 6th:

  • Item A would earn triple for all licences until August 18 (90 days from upload)
  • Item B would earn triple for all licences until September 4 (90 days from upload)

I am also trying to understand the triple payment and how it would look on the statement. When i look at my earnings report i see an amount, is the triple rewards added into that current amount or would i see a entry that indicates that when the statements are released?