Elements Triple Earnings

Just curious… did anybody who is uploading motion graphics content, get any triple earnings for September? I.e. paid out in November?

Haha ha ha… listen, any bait they offer is to cut it even more, so NO WONDER we’re getting the lowest payouts ever, while the members base is biggest (as presented in their statements).

So, instead of you getting an amount, it’s presented as this and that and now triple X s* and what not. Why? Again, so, that it can be cut, and that they’ve got a share in any figure preseted, ultimately to make you earn less.

I’d add that at the moment the most professional (meaning the most valuable, paid, performant) staff in Envato are in their finances, and we can feel it.


You may feel that, but there’s no evidence to support that. My November earnings were pretty much the same as my October earnings, but there was the addition of the triple earnings on top. If the plan was to pay me less then I would have made less… but I made more… so the finance people won’t be getting any bonuses this quarter!

If you don’t like Elements and how they work, that’s fine… feel free to express that, but don’t make stuff up. “So, instead of you getting an amount, it’s presented as this and that and now triple X s* and what not.” only just qualifies as a sentence… definitely not any kind of proof that strange things are afoot at the Circle-K.

All I want to know is if anybody who is uploading motion graphics content got any triple earnings for September. I.e. paid out in November. I understand how the Triple Earnings promotion works, and the evidence from my October Earnings demonstrates to me that my understanding was correct and that it is working… I’m just uncertain on September.

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Just speaking from my experience. WP Plugins.

NOV 2017 - Bet a lot of customers back then… $400
NOV 2018 - $776
NOV 2019 - $675
NOV 2020 - $100
NOV 2021 - $84

It’s not ofc like selling graphics. In your case the “system” just might work. Still, how much do you think is the author poll on Elements? 50%? I’d guess it’s even lower today and at the begging they might have even invested $$ into it. It’s just how things work.

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Ah, so you just wanted to rant about reduced earnings… nothing to do with my question or incentives in general? OK, cool.

Good luck!

No, the triple earning payouts started a month late for all authors (basically nobody reported September triple bonus earnings and this point was raised in the triple reward thread). I think the more concerning part is that the triple rewards are more like “almost double” rewards as what we are getting is far less then what the math says we should be getting (i.e. I have 38 eligible items that earned something in December and got a triple reward that is less than the top3 items supposed triple reward, I should’ve had a 100$+ triple reward maybe even 150$+ as I didn’t even bother to count this month but got 48$), so there is that. Kristin said they will come up with a statement, they haven’t done that yet. As far as the September triple rewards, I look at them the same way I look at the missing funds in the triple rewards, they are just gone.

How long will last triple earnings?Is it over?is it over with payouts?

The 3rd of May is the last day. Anything approved by then will be eligible for 90 days of triple earnings. So if you get something approved at the start of May, you’ll get triple earnings on it until the start of August… give or take a few days.

Thanks…so for projects approved in november, february was last month for payout, if I understand good…every approved file has 3 months for earning triple reward, right? :slight_smile: