Envato Feb 2022 contributor payment

Hi! I have just received from Envato “Feb 2022 contributor payment”.

I have a question. Why I got it TODAY and what is it?

This is the first time I get payment on the 21st of the month.

Thank you!

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It’s the Triple Earnings Bonus, I got mine today too!


That’s right. It’s the triple earnings reward payment. I received mine too. This one is not the contributor content bonus, which is paid with Elements earnings all in the same payment

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Good to know! Thanks!

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Hi @BonaFidex! As the others have mentioned, this is likely to be your Triple Rewards bonus (on all eligible Elements Video content submitted up until May 3rd, 2022).

Elements has two payment cycles every month: on the 16th we process the regular Item Earnings, Content Bonus and Placeit Earnings. On the 20th, we process an Incentives batch that includes any bonus payments that apply for that month.