Elements Video Triple Earnings promotion - Q&As

Any video item published on Elements after 3 Oct are eligible for Triple Rewards for 90 days. Does that help?


This does not answer the voiced question about September subscribe. We were told that the first bonus will come in December for October, but the works that we uploaded in October are also reflected in the September Earnings Reports, and payment for this has already come, but will a bonus be credited for this? These works were uploaded in accordance with the conditions, but they were also downloaded by September subscribers.

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Hi there,

All new video items will earn Triple Rewards for the first 90 days after they are published. Your Triple Rewards are paid monthly in a separate payment to your standard Elements earnings, but relate to the same earnings month.

For example, your September Triple Rewards and standard Elements earnings are paid in November, so if your items were licensed by customers who began their subscription during September, that payment will be made in November. The Triple Rewards for items licensed by customers beginning a subscription in October will be paid in December.

Hopefully this helps.

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Yes, thank you, only one problem - in November there was no payment for September subscribers to this program :slightly_smiling_face:

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Same question, when is that going to happen?

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Yeah, I’ve had triple earnings from September subscribers that have not yet been paid in November.

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Triple Earnings started when an author uploaded an item to Elements after October 3. That’s the basic rule. So, when will we see the earnings from those items? I think that’s the main question, there was a date to start uploading items for triple earnings reward, so when will we receive the report?

@BenLeong Could you clarify the situation with September subscribers who downloaded new projects uploaded after October 3. For them, the income went to September, will we get Triple Rewards for this in December?

Is the triple earning is a bonus above our regular elements payment? So lets say I get paid $500, do I get an extra $1500 or an extra $1000 ?

Staff not replying…

An extra $1000. Triple earnings, so what was $1 (or multiples thereof) will now be $3. That $500 in your example needs to all be earnings from new items uploaded during the promotion though. I.e. your two latest items.

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Thank you for clarification. My whole portfolio was added to elements one day after this promotion has started, so i’m just in time to enjoy it to the fullest.

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where can i see my Triple earnings ??
I only see regular earnings and content bonuses …

I would like to know that too!

however, have you ever made a withdrawal for triple earnings ?