Stock Footage/Motion Graphics on Elements... All-In deal??

Hey Guys what’s up?!

I create a new Topic since the original announcement has been closed…
So I’ve just received the invitation to join Elements, I had to have a look at the original announcement because I didn’t actually remember exactly the tos and…

@Jamesgiroux said “For authors who are invited to join Elements, they will have the option of choosing to make a file available on Elements”

but then in the invitation I read:

“Being part of the Video Stock launch is an All-In deal, which means we will automatically import all your Stock Footage & Motion Graphics from your VideoHive portfolio onto your Elements portfolio.”

Have I missed something in the original Topic or you guys just changed your mind in the meantime and decided that we should have not being informed in the forums?

Please tell me that I’ve misunderstood everything and you already said that before…

I was actually thinking to join Elements and put just part of my portfolio and see how it goes, but now I see that it’s all-in and it’s a compleatly different story…who’s going to buy my items from VH if my entire portfolio goes unlimited on Elements?

Any thoughts?

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People who don’t want to sign up to Elements and pay $29 a month.

I don’t think is going to take that long for customers to invest those 29$ and download entire portfolios…! If someone wants to buy a 4K item from my portfolio priced 25$ and then see that “Go Unlimited” banner is going to take a second to join!
Basically my portfolio on VH will compete with my portfolio on Elements! What’s the point of this? You said that Elements and Envato are not going to compete with each other, how can you say that?
Can someone help me to find some pros in this?

But anyway, this was not the actual deal that they announced…Till now I thought I could upload just part of my portfolio, now I have to rethink everything and take a decision… thanks for let us know in advance, as always!


  • How long can I wait before I accept to join after I receive the invitation?
  • Can I opt out once I join Elements? and can I rejoin if I opt out, pretty much like the exclusivity?