I received the Elements Invitation

Everything will be OK, don’t worry :wink:

happy for u :slight_smile: u are part of the arbitrary selected to receive money lol but this is good for u and i hope it will help u to do even better :slight_smile:

You know, I’m a novice, I have some questions, I hope to get answers from you:

1.I received the invitation to join EE on December 9. Until December 18, all 472 portfolios on my video hive appeared on elements. After a few days, my income report began to show gains. The amount increased in varying degrees every day, almost $3-6.At present, there are 12 pages of income report, and the general income is not high. Only some items on the first page exceed $1, are these normal? To be honest, these gains did not reach the level I expected.

  1. These revenues are the revenues I received from my subscription ended at UTC from November 1 to November 27, 2019, so where are my revenues in December? Now it’s the end of December. Is the subscription income of this month to be calculated in next month?

  2. All my items are stock videos (there are only two prices on VideoHive, 13 dollars for HD resolution and 25 dollars for 4K resolution), but why the earnings are very different. At present, the highest is $2.24, and the lowest is $0.01. I can’t understand that there are many items that are 0.00, without any revenue? Why is that?

Thank you again for your warm help!

This report is for November subscriptions, and it won’t be full for you. Even December report won’t be full as your items were added at Dec 18.
For more information visit Elements forums:


And here is help for Elements authors:

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  1. Yes, there are subscriptions which started at NOV 30 and they will end at DEC 30, so now there is only Report for NOV subscription earnings.

  2. VH prices doesn’t count here, look through help and subscription share model


Thank you very much for your careful explanation. I have learned about it.

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You should wait until January report that comes out in the beginning of March to get a sense of what you will earn.
In the beginning it always is less for the first two reports.
January report will show you what to expect. You can then decide if you want to stay or leave.

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Thank you for your kind explanation :笑脸: