Problems?! Earnings and Pirates

Unfortunately, our envato elements earnings are decreasing day by day.Already after the elements the envato market is dead. And envato doesn’t have a solution to this issue.This should not be the reward for our efforts. However, our projects are published as pirates and the envato still has no solution.
We are the ones pulling the oars on this ship. If we let go, the ship will not reach anywhere


Unfortunately, this problem has been appearing for years. I have applied for piracy many times by providing specific links to items, both mine and other authors from the Envato Market and Elements.

All the links I reported are still working and doing well, so I’m assuming Envato doesn’t do anything about it. It is a pity because there is a lot to lose.

The strange thing is that no one verifies it. And if nobody checks it, why do I need an exclusive author’s badge? How do you know that I will not make my items available in another marketplace?

This is a bit ridiculous.


I’m not a creator, but I’ve been browsing After Effects logos and I’m surprised by how many offerings look almost exactly the same, all from different ‘creators’. While the AE logo will look professional, much of their other work will be subpar (that’s the stuff they actually did). It’s obvious that they are just taking someone else’s file and tweaking it a tad and then presenting it as their own.

If I was a creator, I wouldn’t be thrilled with what’s going on.

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Same situation here. I’m a Woocommerce plugin developer, and this year I’m experiencing a sale loss more than 50%.

My software can be easily be found for free or for few dollars in hundred of illegal sites.

Envato business model should change. Plugins can be purchase once and can be used in unlimited sites with lifetime updates. Any activation system can be bypassed because Envato approval system doesn’t allow to use obfuscated or partially obfuscated code (by the way Customers are buying the software, not its source code).



As always, no words from above…


From the OP or from Envato?