"Steals of the Week". Problem with piracy on Envato.

Hey everyone,

We recently published our new theme, and just a few hours later we got 2 reversals. After searching on Google I found 2 websites distributing our product for free. Coincidence? One of these websites includes malware inside the code by the way.

Basically, we now have a product with 0 sales, which is distributed for free, and packed with viruses. It’s depressing and demotivating to see that your hard work is being stolen for free and you don’t even get to earn a dollar for it.

Last year we had the same experience with another product, which we later removed from the market. Has this market become a magnet for scammers and pirates? Honestly, the quality of this market is deteriorating day by day, and there are no measures to counter these types of issues.

I don’t remember such issues in previous years. Yeah, you can get 0 sales, but there were no reversals. Does Envato have any measures to counter this kind of theft? Does any of the authors have the same experience? What do you usually do, submit DMCA, or just ignore it?


I just saw someone post on the microstock group about stolen Elements content being sold via youtube. It seems theft is happening more and more.

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This happens with all new items not just yours…

There’s really no point in worrying about pirates, as people who download from pirate sites are generally insolvent and are not our customers. There’s no point in wasting your time and filing a DMCA for every stolen file, because it will be posted by other pirates anyway.
My position here is as follows - I just continue my work and at the same time look for new sites where I can sell.

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