Is it officially over?

Low sales, incredibly long review times, and sometimes nonsensical reviews (no offense), no bonuses, high taxes. I’m trying to stay relevant, but you guys are making it extremely hard.


Yes, that’s the reality of what happens, many writers are starting to get frustrated.

Their work was rejected for no apparent reason.

I’m worried that in the next 2-3 years I won’t know the fate of all this if there is no improvement in this system.


We think so too, we have been in this market for more than 17 years, but we have never seen such bad times. We actually think it was Envato’s lack of regulations and cheap labor that killed the market (like India, Philippines and Bangladesh, no offense) Why? Envato charges $12 commission on a WordPress theme, but some sell themes for $13! That’s okay for Envato, because it’s already taking the $12 commission, and we’re finally here, I’d like to call it the beginning of the end, but we’re very close to the end.


Even here in the Philippines you can’t survive for a $1 per sale. To price your item for $13 is absurd, you can’t maintain a theme for $1 per client. So these authors are the ones who help Envato to finally destroy the market.

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