Sale Down - Due to some big decisions from Envato


First of all, thanks to Envato for making such a good service.

I am author and selling WordPress themes on ThemeForest. Recently our sales is down and other authors are also facing this issue. Here is forum post for this issue:

There are different reasons but I think the main reasons are this:

  1. The price editing feature is causing issue. Some top theme authors [please don’t call out other authors] has reduced their price. They are not required to reduce price but I am not sure why they did this. So now medium selling authors like we must reduce the price (lower under this) as buyers are now comparing price. We reduced our price and now our profit is half as we reduced price. So I think this feature should be removed as ThemeForest already providing feasible price and that was really good thing.

  2. The second thing is 6 month limited support. The buyer can use our theme in any project and they can buy it and use it in future (like after 6 months) so this is not required OR the limit should be extended (like for 1 year). So the free support should should be extended to one year.

I may be wrong so please provide your opinion on these points and please Envato do some steps to increase sales.



Support is free for the first six months, included in a product price. If you purchase extended support (12 months) then it adds additional cost.

Yes you are right. I edited my post.

Then why not go for any other market? or create one and invite all the authors who are suffering from envato’s dumb decisions? Elements almost killed us now! there is no way back.

Authors here, are investing their money in marketing of their items for nothing because as soon as the viewer visits the item page, HE sees a BIG ENVATO ELEMENTS banner and instead of viewing the item, he views elements. What else do you expect from this? Envato is simply converting our traffic and redirecting them towards elements.


Well, friends.
You can flag the posts, you can hide the messages.

Is it ever possible to hide the obvious?
I don’t think so.

But if you do, then go on I don’t care, hide and delete all the messages.

An easy question…: What is the purpose of this forum , then?

While we don’t expect that everyone will be happy with every change we make, we do expect that we can talk about things in a positive and constructive way.

We know you don’t personally like Elements. You said so on many, many occasions. But just saying you don’t like something or claiming that we don’t care or don’t listen, adds nothing to the conversation. It’s purely inflammatory and we don’t want that on the forums.

We are very open to constructive criticism and open conversation but we don’t want vitriol. Vitriol doesn’t seek to be constructive. It’s malicious, inflammatory and often rude. It might be directed at an Envato staff member, another author, a customer or an entire group of people (Authors, Customers, Mods even Envato itself). Regardless of the target, it’s characterized by its tone and the target of a person or group rather than an idea. We won’t allow that on the forums.


@KingDog By the way, Travis ; I am aware that you’re just doing your job, and have your own responsibilities, friend.
Absolutely there isn’t any hard feelings.
This is not about you, and can’t be, as you know.

Wish you the very best, and I mean it. :slight_smile:


It’s not that only Bedros don’t like Elements - vast majority of authors don’t like it - we hate it


@Bedros, @micemade, I think what @KingDog was trying to say is that since Elements have been introduced no matter if the internet was offline for the entire planet, or if there were no computers globally, Elements still got targeted when it came to sale issues. Indeed, for authors, Elements can be a cause. since for some users it’s just a better deal than individual license purchases ( the whole point of subscription services actually ) , but it’s not the main one. One of them is constantly mentioned but never put in weight in posts, other markets. Envato is the biggest, but not the only one, some customers may be distributed in different directions, furthermore, April had Easter, therefore that means another set of sales lost. Don’t pin everything on Elements. There are hundreds of factors for low sales, including new items, other authors marketing tactics, simply bad days due to global economics at the moment, the factors range by the hundreds. I guess Travis was trying to say, we’re loving the feedback, but don’t keep it only focused around one thing. My 2 cents! :slight_smile:

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This is a marketplace to sell your digital goods. All items on elements are contributed by authors themselves. It is authors who have listed their items in there for sale.

Envato is just doing what a reasonable marketplace will do, i.e. provide an alternate innovative platform for authors to sell digital goods. It is an opportunity, one that many authors are taking advantage of. Nobody is forced to join.

Think of it this way, if they did not come up with this new platform, someone else on a competing marketplace will and then the entire marketplace (including authors) will be missing out.

Sales are surely down for some authors, but consider competition is fierce now, more than ever. In general sales seem good for the vast majority of authors. So instead of finding comfort in putting blame, own your mistakes. Keep working hard and never give up.

“Most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success.”– Ross Perot

Don’t be that guy.


^ Well, as always, let’s talk once again when CodeCanyon added to Elements.

I am Themeforest author. I don’t like Elements and ADP. But what @Typps said is true and you should consider adapt it to your attitude if you really want to increase your sales. It doesn’t matter Codecanyon will be added to Elements or not.

Stop blaming and start working, improving. Nobody force you to be here. It’s your choice and everybody have choices. I am not happy with all decision Envato made but instead of complaining the same again and again. Keep working, looking for other opportunities in and outside marketplaces.

You can post your opinions to them but they own the marketplace so they have right to do or not do something. If you don’t like it, let them know if they don’t follow. It’s not their fault. You can adapt to their decision or move on to other opportunities.

Most of your previous posts on Elements are not opinions. It’s spam.

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I think the discussion is getting off-topic. I like to limit this discussion to WordPress themes on ThemeForest only. The sales are down for WordPress theme so we can discuss point related to it and we can solve problem. There is no negative intention for this but I like to list out points and get opinion from all WordPress authors.

So please write wisely and stick to the main discussion purpose.

No friend, the Elements Ads all over the place called spam.
(The definition of “spam” is pretty clear. You may do your own search :wink: )

By the way, how on earth can you call my opinion as “SPAM”?
Where does that confidence, or authority come from?

If you think so, don’t read them my friend.
That is a very easy solution.

A: Because the same comments by you are all over the place like Elements banner you called “SPAM”

Can this also apply to Elements banner? If you don’t like it, don’t visit Elements site?
Or can this also apply to Envato marketplace? If you don’t like it, just leave?
That is also a very easy solution

Sorry friend, but that argument can be crashed too easily, so I will not bother to do it.

If (or better, when) WordPress themes will be included in Elements, we surely will (try) to join. If for anything else, but from pure curiosity. To find out first hand how much it pays of for authors.
You cannot ignore the fact that Elements is direct and unfair competition to Theme Forest (and other marketplaces) - it’s being aggressively advertised on those marketplaces, using the traffic that many authors invest in, and offer is price dumped (similar to what Envato did some years ago, but not inside "same ecosystem). Not to mention, exposure dropped to say the least, drammatically (we all have analytics) - meaning - traffic is going elsewhere. You guess - to Elements. And possibly to Envato Sites. And, of course, we know there are other marketplaces.

Elemets are perhaps great, but, for Envato and (eventually) buyers. Authors seems to skipped here. I wonder how much support can authors provide for income generated in Elements … So, only Envato will profit, in the end.
One has to adapt, and we will, surely, but Theme Forest authors wise - it’s more then unfair and it will surely lead to marketplaces (TF, CodeCanyon etc) dissolve.

It’s even understandable that all authors are not being treated equally, but latest trend are, to say the least, unfair to majority of authors. Ok, we can leave. And most probably we will.

And, a bit off topic - this forum is, with it’s marginalization (it’s not even in main menu anymore) is yet another step to dissolve the author’s community. There is no (quality) author’s community on Envato anymore.

Just my opinion. Not a spam. :slight_smile:

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I’ll repost this here, since none of the moderators are replying to this in another post. The question is:

Does one get a referral cut when traffic is sent to Envato, but instead of purchasing on the Envato Market, user subscribes for the Envato Elements? If not, well there’s your problem. Referrers stopped referring.

In my opinion, if this referral is introduced, everyone wins, right?

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I hate Elements too :frowning: Sales are getting slower :slight_smile:

We are trying to Improve us but condition is not getting better :stuck_out_tongue:


Sales are 50% less compared to previous month. Middle of the week and no sales. I even put 14 dollars for one of my best selling themes price to see is it going to change something, but no. That means it is not only problem in prices. Interesting thing, when sales are low there is no customers to ask for support as well. Those who purchased themes earlier.