Some thing happened to Envato?

There is no single sale for the last 2 days for me, this is first time 8 years of history even my items traffic is more than regular.

What is happening?


@kayapati you are right. Traffic is increased but sales are down. its really pinching authors. :frowning:

Sales are terrible for this whole month. My file is available as free file of the month so as expected traffic increased to my portfolio but sales are not good


Is there any chance for fissing by envato?

What indicates this, I got 2 sales with in an hour after creating this post?

Well nothing here. Last week was awesome, visits went up sales went up, great, this week visits are even higher but sales have i guess migrated :D:D:D

Visit increase but sale decrease :(, what happen Envato?

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No awesomeness for us this month. Really going down. We earned more than this when had a single theme but now with so many themes in the portfolio we are going down :unamused:

@imithemes right.
even you are going to be stronger in portfolio but sale are less.
don’t know what is happening.

It might be because of the ADP (Author Driving Pricing) because some authors are selling at discount price (50% OFF like so).

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Yes i have this feeling also… prices went crazy… and buyers just take hell of a lot more time to find themes. We will see how this works out… but i have a terrible feeling about this. Envato earns the same and we will slaughter each other.

Same here, pretty sure this is caused by ADP, now the WP category is a jungle. I think this change will only benefit Envato, super top authors and perhaps people living in places where earning a few bucks still worth the effort needed to create themes.
All the rest should start looking for alternative business I believe :frowning:


They are just cutting price I think. they didn’t get advantage as well. Sales are overall low, check out first 2 or 3 pages.

Envato should look at this, they aren’t focusing on review queue as well, review queue is still 42+ days and they said, that when they applied submission limits, review queue will be decrease but its still at that position. It looks like envato didn’t care about authors now.

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And the best part is the price cut is done for some new and best selling items :-(.

@matthewcoxy @collis, @BenChan Envato heeeelloooo, show some respect to the Authors who give you a lot of contents and paid you a real money. It’s time to explain to us what’s going on here?!

@matthewcoxy @SpaceStockFootage
did you have time to look at the WP category? Whats going on there? WP new Template with 120+ demos only in $19. this is what envato want to do with Authors by introducing ADP ( Author Driven Price ).
can you guys take our voice to higher authority? or any other help you guys do?


It’s not neccesarily what Envato want, but this is what those authors want, as they’ve made the decision to price their items lower. Some will increase the price, some will reduce the price, and some will keep the price the same. That will have been considered prior to implementing the change, and that’s what’s happening now the change has been implemented.

Ok, That changes has been implemented. Now look at the prices.They are much irregular now some has $13 and some are $10000.

Seems to be an issue - as a new author I feel like I haven’t gained the reputation to garner lots of sales and have thus had to lower the price on my theme. Even doing that, I’ve only gotten 2 sales. I see other themes with lots of demos going for $19, so it’s difficult to compete. Might eventually drive down the quality of themes, or at least the profitability.

Also brings on the worry that people will deem your theme low quality if you’re selling it for $19. Would be better if Envato set the prices.