Drop in sales

Hey guys,

Just thought I’d drop in, and see how you guys are getting on in the marketplace.

I’ve noticed over the past few months that sales are steadily on the decline for myself, which is quite concerning now. I’ve managed to continue adding items but but my sales are getting lower even whilst updating my portfolio.

Has anybody else been experiencing this issue too?



I’m experiencing extremely slow sales. Released a new theme a few days ago, first day had a respectable start with 7 sales in 12 hours. It was released on a Thursday. By Friday evening there were 10-12 new themes published and my theme was pushed to the second page. No worries, that happens, I suppose. Since then, however, no sales. I checked the traffic to the demo and it went from 1200 views on the first day to 120 views since it slipped to the second page. Most all the traffic is coming from secondary sources, not ThemeForest. It’s crazy. Seems most all traffic is going to the top selling items page.

Kind of disappointing. I mean, I realize my theme will not compete with Avada, etc. but was hoping for a little better traffic, even on the second page. Unfortunately, I was only on the first page for 24 hours. I guess that’s the market now. Have to say though it may not be worth producing any more themes if it can’t get any consistent traffic.


This is the most serious issue on the marketplace and not the ADP.

Without saying that the ADP is not a problem, the fact that a new theme remains on the 1st page for only 24h and on the 1st page of the popular categories (corporate, creative) for only a week, is a disaster.

Yes, it may not be worth creating any more themes.

I think that Sales Drop is caused from multiple reasons. Some of them can be:

  • Launch of Envato Elements;
  • Envato stopped advertise on Google(not as it did 6 months ago before sales drop);
  • Items Influx -1 year ago, on WordPress category were accepted 25-30 themes per week. Now +130-140 themes per week gets accepted(You can check with archive.org/web )
  • Author-Driven Pricing - (ADP)

There is a bigger post regarding Sales Drop issue here: What happened to sales?! ( Sales Drop? )