What happened to sales?! ( Sales Drop? )

Am I the only one that noticed that after Friday’s international DDOS attack sales went down, HARD?

Is anyone else experiencing problems with sales at these levels?



4 sales for Friday, 2 sales for Saturday, 0 for Sunday.
For me it is the same drop on weekends, as usually.


Usually sales stay consistent throughout days for me, but this weekend and today made just as many sales as I’d usually make in 1 day. That’s really disturbing. And the fact that buyers get locked out of accounts and the HTML category is literally dead over the weekend is really making me worried.

Sales are VERY slow for me today, but could it really be due to the DDoS attacks? Didn’t they happen last week?


Yes, it happened last week, Friday if i’m not mistaken, but, apparently the rebound was immense and no one wants to talk about it! Sales are catastrophic for a lot of people! That’s why I opened this thread.

I noticed drastic drop as well after 21st.


So, everyone is seeing massive sale drops after the DDOS … :expressionless: great :expressionless: what now?!

Looking at my earnings data, it seems like my sales took a nosedive after the 21st as well.

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Exactly. Analytics confirms this too for me, I’m wondering what happened?! Envato’s stance on this is that everything is fine :expressionless:

Well, a few authors here and there does not mean everyone, but I guess we’ll soon see just how many have been affected.

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Could just be a natural hiccup in sales I guess :neutral_face:


A few authors here and there… check out the latest files being released ( after the 21st ) … you’ll see the drop is huge. Only a few authors are actually selling!

On ThemeForest?

I looked over all marketplaces. It seems to be consistent throughout. Only a few categories seem better.

Minor detail but just before this drop happened, my total sales were 1999 and they still are.

“Wait for it… wait for it…”


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Hmm, that is peculiar then.

It’s a conspiracy!!! :smiley:


I’m the reason for this :smiley: The rest of the Envato are just collateral


It’s not a conspiracy. I guess something is going on with buyer accounts. A lot of them were reporting locked accounts. PayPal issues? Credit Card issues? I have no idea. The fact that there is so much silence after that DDOS makes me wonder.

Well, My first time 0 sale in a year on this Sunday. I got the same graph as @TitanSlayer


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