Low sales on the last 2 days - anybody else with same experience?

Hi, i see that my sales in the last 24 hours went down to zero. That happened last time 4 years ago and it is very strange. For me the question is - were there really no sales, was Envato system down or what has happened?

Anybody with familiar experiences?


Same, weekend I guess :slight_smile:

Yes… Same. Hope new week will be good!)

There has been big problems with European access past few days so I guess we’ve been short one continent’s worth of sales.

Yes, me too

hi Egotype, indeed , as for me i did not get any sale at all either … now i guess that being a reviewer u must know more about the system possibly being down , not sure anything like this happened or that there was just very low sales … according to what i could see from my usual “inspiration tour” i could some guys some sales so i think that the system failing to work properly is not the right option …

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Yes indeed. No sales since Thursday. This has not happened before. It’s quite strange to say the least as i’m looking at stats from past years and not seeing similar behavior.

lol do not be surprised they keep on changing a lot of things and, instead of making things become better, they do worst again , when there are always more authors, items and submissions all the time and that the buying base is not growing this substancially / proportionally … all that issue revolving around reviewing time is just a secondary problem indeed … what we all need is that they stop giving 18 results (out of 30) to the same guy in the first page and give balance to a bit all of us and most importantly value quality … the concerned items are not even good … on the other hand, how could they really be? when u are an author and can upload 7 or 8 things per day this is not synonymous with high quality and originality in my view … it just proves that things have been done quickly , this is all

I’m in europe it was hard to access themeforest over the weekend. I think there is more agencies using TF and less individuals now. So less weekend sales.

Its so frustrating to hear from you 'sale down’
Yes sale almost dead here, but as you (egotype) are a envato senior reviewer and leading top sales author saying sale down !!!I

Something bad happening there also our sale. If envato fail to generate their marketing it’ll be horrible for everyone.

Somehow I checked the traffic monitoring on Alexa and got a significant traffic drop since January,

Whats going on don’t know but sales are completely down here.

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25 days not sale it very horreble.

Yes sale are little down everywhere, not only GR also AJ and VH.

Bad month, which is a bit strange because summer has ended.

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Its really disappointing. We are hoping for good month closing but seems getting bad :frowning:

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anyhow the root cause is there is too way many of us, authors, here??! supllement is a lot greater than demand --> the cake that seems to be NOT-bigger is divided into many more smaller pieces? Even Avada, X is getting less. I remember the time when Avada got 2k+ , X got 1k+ sales/week.

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Yesterday and today have been the best two days of the month for me.

In the market sale must have ups and down. But somehow the average sales are down here. As I’m submit constantly my sale must be boost from previous, but the result are not positive here!! Only average!!

When Element run previous months the sale are little conflicted. Like if I’m the buyer and need a magazine template which price is 16+ then, I must go for Element because I’ll get more then 5000+ item in 25$ with magazine’s if those magazine don’t suite me I’ll consider for other 4999 item also.

So definitely few sale drop here :sweat:

FIrst time in 6 years with 0 sales, it happened Saturday. This is bad :(.

That’s fine relax and don’t worry about it

As for me - weekend always been a bad days for me on AJ