First time in 9 years without any sales in 24 hours

This is one of the sadest days since I started this journey with envato. One full day 22 July 2018 with zero sales. What is going on?. Don’t tell me that is summer, there have been many summers in the past with much better result.

I wonder is it Elements I don’t see any other reason…

I have a bad feeling about this, sad days man I really hope is just a bad day and it will not happen again.

I don’t feel like creating new stuff, really depressing :(.


It’s a Sunday… during summer.

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Same here mate, but good argument by @SpaceStockFootage, it’s Sunday, it’s the summer, the Football cup just ended, holiday season. It can happen. Apparently it was our time, haha!

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I hope it will never happen to you again. Even though I wish I’d be mad at having 1 day without a sale :smile:


Hi FWDEsign !

Don’t worry we can understand your depressing feelings but seriously this is what we have been facing from the past few weeks. Most of the days we also don’t get a sale for like 3 days…

But on an average we used to get more than 3 sales a day because we promoting our products in other platforms as well. There is definitely an issue going on here with envato or i guess others are uploading too many products…

It’s illoligcal that today is sunday… Alright for a moment we agree that there is sunday at est timezone but at the same time it’s next day for GMT users…

Wish you best of luck and hope it doesn’t happens to anyone who is working hard. :+1:

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This is now a common thing for us. A good start for this now slowed down so badly that we are far behind our average monthly sales

Things are not going in the right direction that is for sure. Authors are losing the drive to create good quality pougins and the passion for this is slowly dying…

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unfortunately yes you are absolutely right :confused:

Yes not all authors are offering good quality plugins but for those like us who are putting in a lot of efforts in offering great products their sales are slowly and steadily almost coming to a break down :frowning:

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I have increase in traffic, demo views, clickthroughs, more people clicking on Buy button through my website but resulting in less sales.

Let’s hope that is just summer and things will pick up soon.

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I wish you luck and hope it will not happen again.

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Yes its almost same. Even at my products i am getting a massive amount of traffic, customers checking out demos, clicking on links to buy products but still the result i am getting isn’t effective. :confused:

It was the same last summer. I had 2-3 sales during June-July 2017.
Sales restarted in mid-August. Let’s hope the same thing.

Sales started to recover slowly, Hope things get better in the next month.

Are you optimizing your products in search engines as well !!!

With my products results show that an average product promoted and boosted in search engines via SEO and paid marketing leads towards great sales… Anyone else have tried paid promotions and search engine optimization !!!

Give me an example please I am a nob when it comes to paid promotions and search engine optimization .

One of the examples is Targeted marketing towards a specific state, country and promotion of keywords specifically from Google Adwords boosts keywords and in results brings best ROI. Sales :blush:

You are already a power elite author as i can see you have massive sales :+1:

Any help from your side would be really appreciated. What type of paid promotions you are using… !!!

Thank You

You’re bringing traffic to this or other way on your item site and envato take it this traffic by banner on site to Elements or Placeit, maybe worth it for something which is not there but for most it makes no sense.

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Even Envato market promotes products at Google via adwords in order to bring traffic at their site. Please have a look :roll_eyes:

Item is discontinued by author himslef still market is promoting that product
you can check out from below codecanyon . net direct links

Here is another image :handshake: