Zero sales from 1st of June 2023

I got one sale on the 1st of this month, and there after I didn’t make any sales at all surprisingly. I feel totally confused, and shocked as this is my only way of feeding the family, paying the bills and so on. Do any body else experience the same? Is there any problems on the market? Can any body help us with what is going on behind (staff member) pleaaaaaaaaase…

It’s been the same here since June 1st. I don’t know what’s going on, Envato may have drastically reduced its promotion budget.

I feel like Envato may close the market sooner and keep only the Elements platform functioning, it’s not only you and I experience this, I closely analyze and I can see that even no new items have been added to the market since 3 days. and 1st of June is where that forum thread was opened about the newly added market terms. I feel shocked, confused and stressed here

hi, here, not that disastrous a start as yours but pretty bad comparatively with the previous months …

Yeah, disastrous too, and overall, a very noticiable gap. I don’t know if has to do with the Terms change or what. Sounds more like a promotion budget cut, like @loopus supposed.

Can you guys predict anything based on these ? I personally contacted too some authors and the situation is the same. That clearly says that something is going on behind, yes as @loopus says it can be a marketing budget cut, or a certain pause of marketing. This kind of a certain drop happened when the started dramatic promotions on elements, and now this can be the turn around point where they allocate 90% to Elements and 10% to Market… it will surely affect their market maintenance cost too getting them to a certain point where they may decide to stop continuing the Market and focus on Elements only…

Oh, that will come for sure (I’m afraid much sooner than we expect). My prediction, purely based in absolutely nothing and with a tin foil hat on:

  • They’ll continue with their goal to pay authors as little as they can, but yet miraculously keeping them working clockwise, uploading almost in a daily basis for cents.
  • Day will come when talented authors who expect to make a real living out of stock music (or any stock content) will realize it’s not possible anymore to make any decent profit out of this model (there are excpetions like living-with-parents or wife-pays-the-bills authors, and those who already have a top selling item trending and selling), there’ll be an quite significant exodus and the quality of the the assets will start to drop drastically.
  • Envato will get devoured by those competitors who offer same pricing plans with WAY better quality items.
  • Envato goes 404. Markets much earlier, months or a few years later Elements falls too.

Conspiranoid Nostradamus mode off. This was human written, no AIs were involved. :rofl:


Yes I certainly agree with you… and I think they know it and what they need are some more assets to the elements so they can make some third party agreements and share when things get worse… may be I’m wrong but I think that it is what it is

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Same here, sales have been dropping more and more since June '23

Don’t keep all the eggs in the same basket!

As I’ve mentioned a few times before, sales are down in the Marketplace for everyone. I myself have barely seen many all year and had drastically been down for the past year and a half. The focus of Envato has mainly shifted over to Elements it seems. That’s their money maker now. If you go look at any of their social media or promotions, most of it is geared towards Elements. I mean they have big colorful banners on the Marketplace landing pages advertising Elements.

I reached out myself to see if I could be considered if they were to open invites back to Elements (for music anyway) and I was told they aren’t looking for any new additions unfortunatly.

It’s really unfortunate to be honest as it’s hard for me to want to continue to bring content to the Marketplace with such little return. That’s the main reason why I haven’t had many new tunes to come here lately as it’s killed my motivation to bring new content here at times.

Just the reality is that Elements brings in a lot of value to customers and Envato, so it’s a no brainer to shift focus to that market. So I don’t dock them on that. Just kind of sucks for us on this end of it.

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