What has happened to sales

The sales have fallen drastically! this has started this month and i have not faced this before much. Any one else with same issue.


Same here. I suppose it is because of summer.

I am facing since previous month :frowning:

I’m also experiencing low sales, actually no sale since Envato lunched Elements :slight_smile: , don’t know if does have anything to do with it.

I am also in the same track. On the first 15 days I sold 16 but this month gives me 1 sale a week or no sale at all. I’ve also noticed a drop of visitors on my item page.

this place is slowly becoming hopeless…i dont know why!!!

Mine is not really increase. Anyway @Satgur try some marketing trick, you may read it in any sourcher in internet. I also learn about it, good luck for sale!

From a buyers perspective:

Specifics: Lack of presentation details on items. We don’t like asking and waiting for pre-sales questions.
Customer Involvement: Lack of awareness. Many theme and plugin authors do not listen to customers suggestions.
Buying Cycle:: We buy when we need something. Sales will rise and fall.
Saturation: We have a lot to choose from, Presentation and response to comments are signals of a good or bad product.
Competition: Adobe CC, WPMUDEV, etc. They all fight for a piece of the pie.

I carefully study every product out there to make sure it fits my needs, or recommend it to a client to buy. There are some awesome products on here, however, people tend to look at the most sold items on here and work our way down. I like it here because products are not locked into a specific company or author.

As far as Elements go, I think it is a great concept. I wish they would extend it to other products on here. Why? We can check them out before licensing them. We do not have to flood the author with pre-sales questions. Most of us want to support the authors that put a lot of work into a good product so they have the resources to make more. Your time, talent and effort deserves a payoff for the great work.

Hopefully it will pick up soon!

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Great comment here :smiley:

I basically design flyers, print templates…would it be possible for a flyers buyer to comment on my recent flyers and tell me whats wrong in them? Whats lacking in there that I have super reduced sales. I had situation past 3 years where i had 8-9 downloads per day. Now i have days with no sales even when I am contributing quality stuff??

would it be possible for a flyers buyer to comment on my recent flyers and tell me whats wrong in them?

my folio: https://www.graphicriver.net/user/satgur