Sales Stopped !!!

Hi there,

My sales are absolutely stopped this month. Is it only for me or other authors also like that?

Please let me know. It is so painful and destroying plans.



Nothing unusual for me personally.

Based on current and historical numbers from the “popular items” pages for both CodeCanyon and ThemeForest, overall marketplace sales still seem quite healthy, and those numbers are consistent with sales from several months ago.

It’s not necessarily unusual for an author to suddenly experience weak sales, and that doesn’t suggest a marketplace problem. We’ve seen posts like this frequently pop up on the forums for the last several years or more.


many authors are having this problem you can check the forum…

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Many authors have issues with sales including me!


While I was facing some little calm period, I suddenly get like 6 sales in 3 days. So I guess it’s bumpy all the time, but sales still happen for sure. And I must say, AJ is for me the most active platform compare to all other one I’m in


Really low sales this week and the previous, i hope someone from the Staff team could inform us what’s going on.

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Same here. This is the first time that we had no sales for 5 straight days then suddenly there is a spike.

I have good sale this month.

This page doesn’t exist. Can you please recheck it. I’m also facing same issue sometimes.

Same here… :frowning:

I got this issue. Same issue. Huge Huge sales drop.

In October I have 5 times less sales :neutral_face:


Sales have been decreased or stopped … :face_holding_back_tears:

Same here
There is no sale since last month