Sales drop across all Envato platforms?


Hey All,

As I close in on my worst week of sales since joining Envato I would like to ask if fellow authors from all sites have experienced the same sudden drop. It happened to me around a year ago and has gradually decreased to the point that I doubt whether il upload any new material.

I don’t mean to sound like some bitter person who feels the are entitled to high sales but I’ve heard of many similar cases, mostly from authors who have been members for more that 3/4 years and who used to generate good income from Envato. I’m just curious if fellow authors from Themeforest etc have had the same experience. I, like many, have asked Envato if there is a reason for the sharp sales drop to no avail. I just want to know if the playing field has changed and if so, why, because we as authors rely on sales to make a living.

I also sell music on another large marketplace and sales continue as normal so this Audiojungle debacle is a tough one to work out. Uploading new items, marketing items etc has no effect so before I decided to call it a day on Audiojungle and focus my efforts on the other large marketplace I use, I thought I’d ask if anyone else has a similar story to tell.




Yah you are right, I’m from Graphicriver and this month sales fall, even worst last week ever in this year. :sweat:


Yeap! Last month blossomed ( except for the DDOS attack on the world ) but other than that last month was great. This month is absolutely a pain … I’m guessing Envato stopped marketing the marketplaces and showing ads on Google as much as they did in favor of “other” services… :’( painful …


Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:
but if envato don’t active and strong marketing then nothing save them, it’ll vanish one day.

Competitors are not so far!!!


But authors will have to run the ads for their items to survive. Otherwise all efforts are just a waste.


I also have a big sales drop. I’m from codecanyon :confused:


Nothing for 14h now :confused: I’m from Themeforest.


Envato must do something for this down period,otherwise it’ll be worst for us.
Nothing works last couple of month’s. Too many similar item’s come and no sale of them, even I think client’s may be confused that what they’ll buy…I’m so confused. :disappointed_relieved:


Nothing for 24h now :confused: I’m from Videohive…


Nothing here also 24 hrs. It’s terrible for me because never seen this kind of dryness on my envato life.
Even last 2 week just nightmare for me, If this continue I need to find another way…


I’m from AJ and have big sales drop too… november is almost dry for now :confused:


Same situation here :cry:


When nobody promote the marketplaces, the items get less exposure and the sales drop.


I’m can’t belive this 15th of the month and sale drop like 75% :disappointed_relieved:


Yep… same drop for me and a looot of authors. But no official reply will come… we all asked and asked and asked and no one is telling us anything … :’(


I guess everybody is waiting for WP on Elements :wink: Sales are really bad!

Low sales on the last 2 days - anybody else with same experience?

Element already took a large attention between market places. It’s look like competitor with own.
Day by day it’s become a disaster for author’s !!!


My sale drop 50% i’m from ThemeForest :frowning:


This effect from election and element :frowning:


Envato Elements is the answer … Guys, I would recommend to start planning for alternative ways … perhaps even Envato Elements (why not, it may work well for some).