Envato staff - Please respond to an author's worries.

Times are tough.

From reading the forums, times are very tough for a lot of authors.

Input from Envato official staff is lacking I feel.

I, personally, have been here since August last year with decent growth.

Something happened (I’m not going to guess what) around Christmas and sales are now bad, terrible, non-existent.

I can’t find any explanation/reason from Envato staff anywhere so I’m here asking for myself and any like-minded author in a similar position to myself :

Can Envato staff (not a forum moderator - no offence Moderators) please give any reason for the drop in sales or any explanation (if Envato has one) for the current situation?

If it’s purely seasonal or there is no reason/explanation Envato can provide - at least post a response to my query.

I’ve paid you half of my entire earnings since I joined for this great service.

I don’t think I’m being unreasonable.

Thank you and best wishes to all struggling authors.