Sales dropped?

Hello everyone and nice to see you again!

I just came back to Envato after a loong long break and I planned to make a HTML Template using some new stuff, but before I wanted to take a look at what’s going on here. Am I wrong or compared to other years the sales dropped dramatically? Like I am seeing nice templates with cool and trendy illustrations that have less than 10 sales, posted in the past 2-3 months.

Now, I know that the author is responsible for his item and promoting it, bringing potential buyers, but as I remember, being on first page long time ago could bring you at least 15 sales, and that’s the scenario where the template was so fixed to a certain design and stuff.

Is it something going around recently with stock marketplaces?


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Do you see that huge, shiny, “never-going-away” banner on top of every page including your own products’ pages, touting the sale of 1,600,000 items for almost free?

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Since 2016 when I was active

Well, that puts the answer of your question crudely.

Yet so loosely

Envato elements have finished the marketplace.


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Not only the marketplace but also the industry itself in the long run.

I don’t think elements are the main reason, because with elements i had good sales monthly. But from july i saw huge drop… Sept and oct are the worst months… I mean 90% sales less…

Check this out:

And yes elements is not the only reason but I am sure it has impact. For example envato told us that elements advertising on TF does not have impact well minimal and I stated if that is so place one banner that directs clients to TF on elements and I got nothing back :slight_smile:

Since it has minimal effect why not a banner, “Don’t want to subscribe buy single themes from authors on Themeforest!” However as I mentioned I did not get any argument never why not do that. And the banner is not just up there its also in the footer which is on all pages including authors product pages.


Those days are the past.They made some really bad decisions.Outcome of those decisions can be seen all over the market.You can still succeed but now your chances are very low, i would say they are reduced to 1%.Maybe even less then 1% .As time goes by,less and less people will be ready to accept that risk.Check out statistics of the new items that has been released,that tell you everything