Hi, Sunday sales 0. First time within 5 years what happened?.

Hi, Sunday sales 0. First time within 5 years what happened?.


I’m experiencing the same situation here. This year I’m experiencing a 50% sale loss and the situation is getting worse.


If you have closely followed the last 20 months, you will see that there is no doubt about how Envato has changed his business strategy. Old well-known markets have been left behind and the marketing budget has been drastically reduced.
Probably has something to do with the new management team but just have found that is much more profitable (on short term) to not invest so much anymore.

If they continue like that in the next 20 months there will be no markets anymore.


it’s very sad… :weary: :confused: :angry:

I thought Saturday and Sunday they was Stopped Google ads for marketplace. I thought They are focusing only elements.

There is always a first time for everything. We have experienced 0 sales a day, then 0 sales for 2 days and this year we experienced 0 sales for straight 3 days. Good Luck!

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Hi, here in 11 days, only 2 sales.
I see that is from worst to worst.

I Don’t know what happened but this year is… just said a sad year.

Time and money invested that costs more then revenue… Sadly situation for many authors. Maybe for elite authors are little better…


I’m Elite, and it’s not better at all…

There is nothing to be happy whether Elite or Power Elite.

Yeah, I am Power Elite as well and things are very much going downhill very fast.
I don’t understand why Envato even bothers to ask feedback from us for Codecanyon/Themeforest, it seems they use these sites to send the traffic to elements and call it the day. Shame.