Unusual Sudden spike in direct traffic - DDOS ?

Hey Guys,

I just noticed that in the last one hour there is some unusual sudden spike in the traffic in the item pages based on what I am observing in google analytics. Could this be a sign of another DDOS attack on the Envato sites ? Or is it because of promotions going on for the birthday ?

promotion I believe. but sales are slower thn other days for us

How can you see live traffic in Google Analytics for your items?

Elite authors have access to google analytics of item pages and I was viewing the “Real Time” feed in there.

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Correct. I didn’t know you were an elite author.


I doubt if its promotion, the traffic is usual given the current time and yeah none of it converting to sales and its also sudden. It wasn’t like this earlier during the day. It doesn’t make sense.

But I don’t see any promotion going on, since no discount coupon was shared to make a purchase. I’m trying hard to locate and apply discount for an item I want to purchase from codecanyon.net. I only see Envato Studio discount coupon but not for other market places.

I’m experiencing the same sudden spike in traffic. It’s coming from this website: site6.free-floating-buttons.com . It looks like it’s a site to drive traffic to your website.

Generally a DDOS attack will not show up in Analytics. DDOS clients are usually “dumb” and will not parse or execute any JavaScript on the page after loading it. Analytics is JavaScript so what you are seeing is most likely real visitors who are just curios about your item.

The funny thing with promotions is 1000 people could view your item but nobody really has a need for it right now. Maybe 50% of them bookrmarked it for another time and when they need it they can come back and buy :slight_smile: hopefully!

Glad to know it was not DDOS. Yeah what you say about promotions is right, I hope the traffic converts at a later point in time. :wink:

Hi there!

If you are ever concerned that any of the Envato sites are not performing as expected or acting a bit strange, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the Help Team. They can have a look and get the right people involved should there ever be an issue :smiley:

I also face same problem, too much traffic but no sale, 6 times more then regular traffic.