Low item visits

I was looking today at analytics for some of my items. Is not looking good, 2-3 visits per day. What is happening has envato modified something in the items search?

I think in whole Envato market, there is a problem. I have 0 sales from last 6 days and very low traffic.

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I’ve looked into the analitics page and I have items popular items with 3 -4 visits per day, this was better 3 years ago when envato was in worse shape as it is now. Something is not as it should be, maybe I am missing something.

Can any from envato staff can clarify this, how is it possible to have only 3-4 visits on products that a few moths ago had 100 + visits. What is going on, how we are supposed to sell something with this condition, this is why we are heare after all specially for the “huge” traffic…

Do not expect anything official here. There are several other threads trending now about the same topic but no one from Envato cares about them as the top sellers are still giving them there mass income

Yeah it seam that each company is making the same mistake time and time again… Something will change soon but it will be too late because most of us will be gone on different markets.

Even homepage items (new items) have only 80 visits and 1 month ago it used to have 400 visits

Everything else is low. Are the new SEO changes to be blamed?

Envato nobody cares about us anymore. I bet if a top seller is posting a message like this there will be a quick response.

We all need the old envato back. If this continues like this the ship will sink…

70 visits per day

31 visits per day. :frowning:

It’s a disaster!!!

No answer from envato, When I started here the staff was so careful specially with this kind of stuff. What happened to you guys. We need you!!!

Hey folks!

Apologies, I didn’t see this thread. Thanks to @Enabled for tagging me in.

Whilst I can’t speak to items on an individual basis, on the whole I can say that CodeCanyon traffic is very healthy. We also haven’t made any changes to the search algorithm (we’d be letting the authors know if we had).

@FWDesign, There are a lot of aspects to the search algorithm, but as you know, a part of the weighting does relate to how recently an item was submitted. So if an item was submitted months ago it does make sense that it would now be experiencing a lower number of of visits as it did when it was initially submitted.

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Hi Matt.
Is not just me complaining about this there are a lot of us medium seller who made envato and still are a verryyyyyy important part of it that have a serious drop in sales and visits. Please investagate this more.

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Do you plan on making any new items? From what I can see you’ve not uploaded anything new this year, so it would make sense that sales and views would start to drop off after time.

Yes I will realese a WP plugin in a few days. About releasing items it dosen’t matter when they were made they are good products and I keep update them.

You’re right, it doesn’t matter when something is made as to whether somebody will buy it or not, but there’s only so many customers on Envato. They’re increasing steadily from what I hear, but what I’m saying is that if a current customer hasn’t bought your item after one or two years, how likely are they to buy it in the coming one or two years? I know new customers are turning up on a daily basis, but if you’ve had x sales from x million potential customers… how long will it take for that customer Base to double so you can make that x again? And I know a customer’s needs can change… one day they don’t need a plug in and the next they do, but I think you’ve got much more sales potential I’m the first year or so than after that.

Another thing to keep in mind, if you’re regularly releasing new items then it’s more likely people will see your item on the homepage. Then they might think… “OK, this plug in looks good, but it’s not quite what I’m looking for. I wonder what other items he has?”

Obviously I have no hard and fast evidence to back up any of this, but you’ve got agree that if you don’t upload anything new ever again, then at some point, even if Envato is still going strong, your sales are eventually going to hit zero, or thereabouts. Even if that’s one, two, five, ten or twenty years from now.

probably you are right but still if a product is updates it only makes it better and more upgraded.


We have a new item there and the first day we got 2 sales and there are no sales in next 4 days even our page views were 4 times higher than the first day.

Can you please let us know, if we are missing to optimize our page for more sales?

I think we all know how to do that unfortunately there is no answer other then create an outstanding product and you will have visits and sales.

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