Huge Traffic But Low Sale


Suddenly i noticed that, traffic is increasing a incredible number at one of my item. In my point of view it’s not normal traffic. Because sale hasn’t increase a bit. So can i understand, these traffic are coming from some null site. And my item is shared in a lot of null site, where demo link is my product page and then they download it as free. Isn’t it ? What you think ? If you have any idea ?


Could you just open tab Referrals and you can get the reason :smiley:

Hi, Yes. I open it. Most them are from shorten url . And some are from null site. I just search with the name of the item in google . I found 50+ site who are providing free download :frowning:

From my experience, this is because your item on free site. Check the referral link. :open_mouth:

just DMCA, endless DMCA because null sites are everywhere :’(

What are null sites?

Yes, we are thinking to send DMCA to this site. But past experience is bad. I have sent to a site for my another item. But it’s 3 month, they haven’t contact me, even deleted my code. @ThemeMove

Actually Nulled site is where paid script can be found and can download as free. But good thing is we applied item activation system. So they can’t use the application after download as free. They need to work hard to break the activation system.

But it’s a very frustrating when we saw our hard working can be download as free :frowning: @Enrize

The huge down fall is here on evato market.

Ahh i see. So its just a pirate sites with illegal content? I’m just wondering why its called like this.

@Enrize , Yes pirates sites. That’s is very frustrating for us. Most frustrating is , the visitors of referral site is huge than envato direct visitor.

the first time I see it. 1 Tousound pageviews!

Good for you that you can use an activation system on your files… After Effects templates are screw’d if once got leaked into a torrent site.

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People do not always purchase right away. It’s good to have the extra traffic, regardless of where it is coming from. Shows there is interest in your item and could convert to sales in the long run :thumbsup:

Instead of trying to kill your traffic, by sending out DMCA notices, I’d look into ways to improve the conversion rates and boost sales :rabbit:

Yes, 2 thousand hit past two days.

This usually happens when someone updated on “null” websites an updated version of your item…

And since your item is now on all those websites on front pages, people are visiting the item :frowning: From there the huge traffic, but no sales…I also experienced this.

A time ago, I spent time sending DMCAs, but I realized I loose time I can use for coding or things I like, so now, I just ignore them :sunglasses:

I always thought some big time authors like Pixflow or Mister Horse used activation systems. Would be awesome to know how to apply it in AE for much bigger projects - or if it’s actually effective.

Hi @Typps , I didn’t think like this way. You are absolutely right. I appreciate your logic. It’s time consuming to send 100 DMCA also. Better to wait and try to increase conversion rate. As we have apply activation system, then it might be hard to break for anyone. Also i think support is very important the item also.

Thanks a lot to share a nice idea.

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Yes You are correct :slight_smile: , I now also feel like @Typps

I think their popular items are using some activation because their items are a script so its easy to procect it. But that still can get hacked if someone leaks an activation code.