Weird item analytics data


The pageviews and referrals data in the analytics tab for my item, is very weird. It is actually impossible to be true.

For example, one day I have 298 visits for one referral for the current month, the next day it is 297 for the same month, the next day it is 296. Impossible.
Another example. One day I have for 7 different referrals each with 2 visits, in a few days it is 4 for each of them.

Does anyone else have this weird data?

Same data issue, Not only referral buy in the main analytics too.

I used a Visitors counter for my item and It works :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Hi. Which counter do you use? And is it allowed to use counters?


I dont know, Probabbly @charlie4282 Can help us?

I do not think that this counter is working on your item page ( Looking at the code, only an image is loaded and not even from Codecanyon has changed the code you put, and I think it is not working now.

WTF! Wait :stuck_out_tongue: lol ENVATO WE NEED THE BUG FIXED -_-

I don’t think that the stripping of code is a bug, they made it this way for security reasons I assume. I think they allow elite authors to put google analytics. But normal authors can only use the built in analytics, which does not work basically, from what I see.

This is more or less it as I understand it. More detailed analytics is an Elite benefit.

No, Not the bug you think i want

The envato analytics is not correct thats the bug i am talking about.