Best ways to sell more :)

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what a topic’s title, right? :slight_smile:

Well, it’s been a few months that I’m not selling well like i used to do in the past few years, and it’s not a matter of quality of my items, I actually got tons of positive feedbacks so I actually don’t know the reason of this drop-down in sales amount.

So, based on your experience, what’s the best (and hopefully cheaper) way(s) to increase sales?
Have you tried something, like AdWords or Facebook campaigns, etc.? ( I tried AdWords for a few months but it didn’t give me significant results).

Thanks in advance!

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I have noticed a similar drop in sales (also sell top quality items), and when comparing traffic with last year, I see it’s just less traffic.

This is across products, so it seems there’s just less interest overall. I don’t know why the drop in interest, maybe it’s because items move down on the lists and users then stop finding them. Maybe it’s Envato playing with the search algorithms. Maybe it’s the distracting banner on top advertising Envato Elements.

I’ve concluded that I need more control on traffic coming to my pages, I can’t rely on the Envato platform to do that. I’m moving focus to creating free products outside of Envato that then drive traffic to my premium pages.

People will say, create new products on Envato so you stay at the top of the category pages. But that’s crazy, that is a rat race you’ll never win, you’ll eventually drown in support requests.


I agree with you about Elements, that may have driven mist users out of templates search on codecanyon and the other marketplaces, thanks so much for your reply.
Making free items available on an external site sounds good, i may try that as well.

Good luck and thanks again!

thanks for the useful pieces of advice! Agree that Adwords is quite useful if you want to attract more people to your website.