Marketing your Envato Item

This post is to help the community and share there views on how to market there envato items as I see the sales are 80-90% dropped so it is the time to help envato in marketing the your own items atleast.

So what do you think what is the best way to market your item and get good sales conversions.

1- SEO
2- Google Adward Campaigns
3- Facebook Adwords campaigns

If you recommend any of the above please describe why and what is the procedure you should use for the total campaign.

I don’t see any benefit of sending your paid traffic to ThemeForest

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Absolutely, for obvious reasons.

I think the best recommendation that anyone can make is to keep working on new items. They will send traffic to old ones too.

I tried doing a $15 Facebook ad campaign for my last two items. The first time brought in around 25 purchases, the second time only got me 3. Both reached around the same amount of people overall. Personally I don’t find it worth it as my sales have usually been decent without the paid ads, plus you have to sell more than $15 worth before you make any profit, which is a bit of a risk. So unless you KNOW that people will buy more than enough to cover the ad cost, then I’d say stay away from it, at least if you’re a fairly new author with not much experience in this sort of thing.

Your best bet is to post it on your portfolio on other sites, share it on Facebook and other social media, bring it to as many free audiences as possible (without spamming forums of course), then if that works out really well on a regular bases, then maybe try some cheap paid ads and see how things change.

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