Few days ago I asked if it's profitable to sell on envato? here is the answer.

Hi guys, few days ago I created a here to ask whether is it more profitable to sell my WordPress plugin on Envato or individually. I got some feedback and gave Envato a go, here are the details:

First, to understand their business modal you need to read . free netflix netflix free trial

I joined as Exclusive Author (37.5% fee for every sale + $4 buyer fee), a lot of fees aren’t they, wait for it, that’s just the start.

I submitted my plugin, and made it available for $29.

The plugin was accepted 25th October, the same day I notified subscribers on my mailing list and got 3 sales, to this point all sales are from me, 4 days later I have a total of 5 sales. So basically 2 sales from envato, or even none as I have driven a lot of traffic from facebook to the plugin’s page.

Now let’s see how much I earned

What’s the link to your item demo?

Granted it’s getting busier and busier here, but, with respect there could be numerous causes for low sales, not all of which are down to Envato.

E.g. If you are only converting 3 people from a list (assuming there are a decent number of people on it) of people who are already aware of and connected with you and your work the that in itself raises questions around the value and versatility of what is on offer

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