wow, just wow ...

Sale 2$ I got 0.52$

So is not enough what they did now we get with less then 1$/item

Thank you Envato… I will delete my items soon from Graphicriver. increase my item price to maximum, and that’s solve the problem, no more uploades to graphicriver anymore!

hi, i understand that times are tough for some guys and they are not easy for most of us , for sure, however , i am not sure that this is a good thing for you to delete anything anyway … let’s face it, no matter how small are your earnings, that’s still better than nothing anyway and at least u have a chance to get noticed also and maybe to have some potential opportunity, we never know … if u ask me, that’s always sad to see a guy leave , even if i understand that times are quite fought for some of us …

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I got to the same conclusion… so I didn’t delete anything, but I increased prices to maximum…
But I am amazed of how much money Envato earns… it is just not fair…

Envato should be considered as a stepping stone to brighter pastures!

Yes, it’s very possible to make a complete living from Envato.

Just like any thing in life, it takes dedication, work and a desired quality.

Success can be made from Envato and I know many authors whom have gained it.

It is also a huge opportunity in exposing your services to the masses!

Look at how many people visit Envato Marketplaces on a daily basis.

Interact in the forums. Become involved. Promote your work, add new work.

You make it what it is - it can be good or bad.

It’s unfortunate what Envato has decided to do, I would agree with this wholehearted. There are however PROS and CONS to it all. I can only hope for the best and see how things will go.

Wishing you all the best of success, you and everyone else!

Here’s to a successful 2016!

Keep in mind that Envato get the same percentage from sales as they did last year and the year before, it’s just that the IRS now get a percentage of your sales as well.

Again, I have to agree that you are right, but I will put more effort on themeforest and codecanyon and stop submiting to the other marketplaces… because is just not worth it( for me )

as for me i don’t think the same, i am most importantly amazed of the small part that authors get in the end when all have taken what they “have to take”

indeed there are the ones that being favored here , but others as important and envato would not be where they are today without all the others … as for u choosing these places , this is the right choice when u choose to make more money but i think that people must also consider what they are best at, in what they can make a difference and also what they like doing

yes and same goes for authors unless they chose to have higher prices and lower volumes lol and let’s face it also , fees here if compared with many other places are very high

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on graphic river there is an author fee of $1 and this is how you can end up getting 0.5 from 2$ doesn’t matter if is from usa or not.

So no, is not the same thing as last year!

If an item values $1 I don’t think is fair to sale it for 2$ and got 0.5

well i think that not all can do just that … lots of guys are coming to develop portfolio , get notice and get to high pastures as u mentioned, but that’s far from being working for all , one thing is for sure this place is not a get rich quick thing. as for me i use it to be slightly more comfortable money wise and i am happy to have it for this

well what i can say about it that is tons of busy are dreaming of it but a small number do … most of the busy make pocket money or some additional money who enable them to live slightly better to have a decent overall living but guys running only here making good revenue enough to live out of it are not a maelstrom to say the least … (but it also depends on what u are selling and how proficient, u are how u can make this proficiency profitable …)

well lot of us do, that’s the bottom line thats’ not why they are living out of the marketplace system all the same …

many?! really?! lol as for me last time i have seen in the dashboard, they said u are ranked “992” lol and the bottom line is that i make pocket money so that guys who have the same pace as me as very very very far away from making a living out of it … so i guess that unless people live in a very poor country where there are little taxes, a low cost of living and that gained much with what they do here, most of guys are unlikely to be considered as the people u referred to …

however u are right this is definitely a good chance to get some exposure and also for guys starting in these digital jobs to develop a portfolio … and have experience before they are given an opportunity to showcase what they can do in an agency … lost of agencies want no guy without significant experience but all of them fail to give a chance to youngsters , so this place can offer a professional experience to guys

ye sthis is part of the success of this place, the number , both in buyer and seller’s side

huge advice, u could not get any better advice indeed :wink: i think that no people could have thought of any more efficient way to say it all as regard to has to be done to have a chance to be rather successful indeed :wink:

Right, I assumed you were on about taxes, rather than fees. Sorry! But yes, as you’ve noticed, just up the price and you’ll get considerably more than 52 cents. Although as an exclusive author, you should be getting $0.62 rather than $0.52

I appreciate higher prices might result in lower sales, but if you have a $2 item and Envato are taking $1 and you have a $20 item and Envato are still only taking $1… that’s pretty good!

u are right, under a certain amount this is hard (too hard) for authors to see that they almost do not get anything , even if they are exclusive authors … thats’ why i would personally recommend starting selling at $3, because under almost all goes to everyone but authors indeed … besides that’s how envato cleverly also avoided the self pricing getting into a crazy downward spiral , so thumbs up for this

OK, now I start to understand what is happening and why Envato made this.

And I must say again, that I was wrong (again). I just got a sale of 9$ (ironic is the same item today was sold with 2$ )… so maybe that’s best or us authors…

At the end of the day it comes down to you and your ambitions.

Success isn’t something given to you, it’s something made from hard work.

Not very long ago my daughters had an opportunity to break a wishbone.

My one daughter got the wish half and asked “How long do I have to wait?”

I told her:

“Wishes aren’t given to us. They’re made true from hard work and faith.”

It’s like anything. Envato is giving us the opportunity but we have to work for it.

This is what some people doesn’t understand:

When you spend alot of time making something and then you get 0.5 from 2$ is that feeling that you are robbed. We all know that with a flower does not make a summer but our work is our work.

I think Envato should take into consideration items that sell with 1$ should follow the old system - 50-50 else the prices are going to go up for clients … (at least 2$ - double)

I fully get where you’re coming from, don’t get me wrong :slight_smile:

is IRS, not envato

IRS is getting just 10% for me, so no it isn’t IRS this time