do you market items yourself?

So do you guys market your items? adwords, Facebook or any other paid ads?

Since my item dropped off the first page, sales flattened.

Soundcloud has been surprisingly effective. As for paid ads, I don’t recommend. The Envato Community, including big wigs who just use it for licensing and don’t contribute projects, are the ones who buy our products. I have yet to get an “outsider” to buy my music. With that said, it is possible, but there is so much competition with the growing number of authors and library collections, unless someone is new to the music licensing game, it’s hard to get an outsider to jump through hoops just to license your music. With that said, that’s why getting featured is so valued. If you can get noticed by Envato, others will learn to love you, ESPECIALLY if you’re bringing an innovative sound to the Jungle!! :slight_smile: Hope this helps.

P.S. I used AdWords and Facebook ads. It may be beneficial in the long-run, but I had no luck with it.

well, I’m working on web design. It might be a slightly different market than audio jungle.

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Do you have your business website?

Well yes, more like a portfolio site.

Have tried with Facebook ads and Google ads. Nothing’s happened.

but you are an elite author :slight_smile: you don’t need ads anymore.

So how did you get there? You simply uploaded constantly the work? tell us new authors your inspirational story!

Write blog articles, giveaway freebies and your website will be noticed.

@wearede just simply create the good stuff. I don’t have any secret :joy:

was it hard in the beginning?

Many hard-rejections. Keep learning and working for food at the first time. Even we need to work some other projects to have food every day. Some of my friends finally gave up.

So you suggest to keep this as hobby till it becomes feasible to live on it. And to stick to it and don’t give up :slight_smile: good advice! thanks.

p.s. no soft/hard rejects for me yet. But sales that disappeared after selling 6 on first day made me cringe.