1st Item Approved!

Hello everyone! I got my first item approved, with more in the queue. :slight_smile:

This is very exciting for me! I’m now looking for advice on how to boost traffic and sales.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Hi, ForestDesert! Congatulations! Today my item also was approved for the first time. Indeed, i have same question.

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Thanks GONZO and Congratulations to you as well!

From what I’ve researched, it’s best to use Social Networks and collaborate with other Authors on the Envato Market (GraphicRiver, VideoHive, etc.)

So far, I only have 1 approved item. So I’ll definitely continue expanding my library, experimenting with different genres and delivering quality sound.

Good luck with your portfolio! :smiley:

hey guys , congratulations ,
how can i approuved my item of logos?
it’s always rejected .
Advices please

Thanks Mouda,

Do you have any samples of your items?

Some advice others have given is to listen to other AudioJungle items. This will give you a feel for what’s already out there and help give an idea of what the reviewers are looking for.

Best of luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

Congratulations for your first approval. Good luck with the sales :slight_smile:


Thanks, it’s such a great feeling! Definitely looking forward to the sales. :grinning:

Congrats on getting your first items approved! From most of the threads and articles I’ve read online a big part of sales and traffic comes from a mixture of a lot of variables like time of approval, naming and tagging songs well, creating a large portfolio and then just some luck. It’s fun to watch newer artists get items on the trending page and begin to see some real sales start to come in.

Good luck with the sales!

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Approval is just the first step. Can’t wait to start seeing sales. Thanks for the advice!


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Thank you @johnsongoo ! :slight_smile:

You need market via google ads,fb and update in forums about your theme/product and sales increases slowly.All the best.

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Congrats, mate! :+1:

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Congrats :clap: :slight_smile:Wishing a good sales and seeing works of and new ideas from you :+1:

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Thanks Guys! I know this is only the beginning and have a long way to go before I’m up there too!

Wishing you all continued success.

Congo :smiley: Dude

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Thanks! @KoffeeionGames

Can i have a question how long do you waite for approve for your item

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Congrats!!! :smiley:

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Great first step, sales will follow soon!

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