My first item

Hi everyone :slight_smile: … I am glad that my first item has been approved recently :slight_smile: … it’s a cinematic golden logo reveal project, but I think I need some sort of advice on the next step, should I just forget about it and leave it for Envato to do the rest for me, or there is anything that will make my item standout for potential buyers :slight_smile: … what is the best advice you would share with me, and thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi, I suggest you to promote your items via social media (facebook, instagram, etc), donΒ΄t leave only Envato to do the rest, they make the main exposure for your work, but you can help promoting your items by your self, not here in the forums because is not allowed. And what really helps is having as many items as you can make with high quality. This will give customers more options to buy, and result will be more sales for you.
Good Luck!

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Hi @GoForMotion :slight_smile: … thank you so much for sharing your advices and I will give it a try, thanks again :slight_smile:

Thanks @JoeBlack1979 :slight_smile:

Nice project and Good luck with sales :+1:

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Thank you so much @pxlzero :slight_smile:

Thanks @MotionLemon :smile:

Congrats on the approval and good luck with sales! The logo animation is great :grin:

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Thank you @Atamotion really appreciated :smile: