First song approved :)


Hello everyone,

a few minutes ago my first track was approved. I am very proud to be finally part of this community!

I would really like to hear some advices and feedbacks.



Congrats and good luck with sales! :blush:
Just explore the market and make good music - this is best advice I can now come up with :smile:


Good job! :slight_smile: The first of a long series of quality uploads :smiley:
Try to upload new content often and build up your portfolio with versatile ideas that are easy to market. Uploads with generic and, frankly, overused titles that accurately describe the vibes of your track tend to be the most effective here. Just have a look around and see what’s already there to get a feeling of what the market is like :wink:
Good luck!


My congratulations! Good luck!:slight_smile::+1:


Congratulations! Welcome to AudioJungle and good luck for sales!)


Congrats on the first upload. Now keep uploading quality tracks to build your portfolio. All the while keep having fun with it.:slight_smile:


Congratulations and best of luck for more sales :grinning:


Good Luck with sales, man! Work hard! Envato is a great market :wink:


very soon after the first sale to come and rest 8) do not stop! :slight_smile:


Hey and look! You got a sale too :thumbsup: