How do I get my items sold?

Hi! I recently started getting items accepted which is great! But I don’t seem to have any visibility. I sent mails to ad agencies but still got no sellings. Could you please help me?

Anybody Please?

Hey @Cranberrysauce I’ve recently joined myself, here is what I thing buddy.

The market place is saturated with authors, both old and new. To cut through and to make ‘your mark’, will take time. So be patient my friend. It sounds like you’re getting on the marketing train, which is great! That’s an awesome thing to do, and is often overlooked by many contributors. So stick with it! :slight_smile:

Having had a lot of experience writing for various other publishers, I’ve found that staying relevant is key. One way to do this is to always check and re-check whats the most popular, in terms of sales that is. Download the preview files and analyse things like the mix, arrangement, instrumentation, product description, keywords etc. All these things will help develop the way you write for this market place.

I’ve found no one publisher is the same, so when you start understanding market trends in AJ, your compositional approach will change as a result, and sales will pick up!

Hope this helps in some way matey. :slight_smile:


Thank you thank you! That was what I needed, thank you mate.

It seems like I’m on the right track then, since I’m doing what you suggest of analysing best sellers that way.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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You cant expect to get any sales when you have only one track called Inspiring Corporate. Make many, many more tracks and try to produce something that isnt already overrepresented in the market. :slight_smile:


No worries man, Hyperprod is also right. Play the odds, also offer something unique that many people aren’t covering. In any case dude, hope all goes well man, happy sales! :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Good advice.

Thanks, yellowbirdaudio, best for you too!

Good advice from @yellowbirdaudio and @Hyperprod

I suggest you read this threads and articles:

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And start creating and uploading more songs! :slight_smile:


Totally agree with @SnailMusic

Don’t ever disregard the power of marketing your own items. Market is built to amplify your marketing work.


Thank you mate! Great resources!

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Thank you, Matt!