How to sell more on audio jungle...

I really don’t understand how it works… I upload 4 really good pieces of music… I receive great comments , they sale once or in the amazing way twice and that’s it!?! They swallowed in this jungle with hundreds more songs… How do I stand out? How can I promote my profile so buyers will notice…
I send candies for any help…)


This happened to me alot of times and we are not alone…Hundreds of AJ authors expiriance this and that is not strange thing…The way you can promote your music is via social media, soundcloud,youtube,facebook,twitter etc.
Share all your work via social media and you can get some extra buyers! :smile:
The most important thing is to produce few tracks a week and stay visible at main page so buyers can visit your portfolio and choose the best for them.
Good luck! :smile:


OneLoveM, I know what you mean. We are making good tracks, and they go under the sea of corporate parties. :sob:


Ooh I want candy!!!

But seriously, CalvinKleinberg is absolutely right. Keep creating and uploading tracks regularly, and invest some time into some external promotion via SoundCloud, YouTube and other social media. Keep going and you’ll see results, I promise! :wink:

I personally think that you need to create a name for yourself which takes time. Create and submit unique and original material that is useable to make your “sound” stand out from the rest.


Good advice Graham and spoken without the aid of a Bingo card too. :slight_smile:

Great advice there.
And of course, pray that you will be featured :smile:

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Hey threre OneLoveM , In response to your questions, every AJ Authors including me had experience the same issue as you do , but man you have soo many sales in most of your tracks i thinks there is no serious problems here.

  • Use Social Media ( SoundCloud , Youtube, Vimeo, Bandcamp, Twitter, Instagram, etc)
  • You have 13 tracks so you can make some packs out of it, so made one.
  • Spread your music to another Category ( World Beat, Ambient, Cinematic)
  • increase your productivity level from 2 upload in a month to 7 or 8 , it doesn’t have to be a full length track.
  • And last is Patience, Positve , Hard Work , Lot’s of it & Love what you do.

Haven’t been here for a long time, but I guess that the best way succeed is to create, create, create and create lots of good quality stuff and then little by little to be found, someday creating a snowball effect… It also seems that it’s good to study advertising on the web and how “normal people” find and want to use your music, which kind of music is popular ATM and then make your own versions of it. Also try to create music for certain seasons of the year (christmas, summer, weddings…)

Only been on here for a couple a months or so but I’ve found that Its good to try out different genres, experiment with your style and try not to always follow the standard corporate structure of songs. Some of the tracks that I regarded as my best haven’t sold that much and I’ve been surprised by others that are doing well, so you can never be your own judge on how well a track is going to sell. It could be the time that you uploaded your track that helps, the uniqueness of you music or even just the right tags titles can help a lot. Make sure your tags and title represent exactly what the aesthetic of the music is as this will help direct the right traffic to your music. Of course the more you upload, the better your chances of sales and promotion via social media platforms can go a long way to improve sales. From what I’ve seen from other authors, you can either treat this as a hobby and make a little extra cash on the side or you can treat it as a business and put every resource into action, and start bringing in some decent cash. Of course the most important part is the quality of the music! I’m new to Audiojungle so I lack the experience compared to some authors but I hope this information helped!

nice info! thanks to everyone for sharing!

Some very good tips here for the new AJ author like myself - looks like im going to have to promote on soundcloud / twitter! Thanks all for sharing

Thanks Soundgridmedia for the advices ! But if i put my tracks on Media like Soundcloud : the music is not protected, anyone can record it and use it right ? How do you deal with that ?

You should share your preview file, the one with the watermak :grinning:

Hey your welcome @PinkCrossStudio ,
I tried to upload a watermarked songs on my SC but listener distracted by it and decrese listening experience so i try a risky choice to put non watermarked track , maybe people already use it somewhere wiithout paying license but it’s a game of exposure and just few people rip off songs from SC, i’m ok with that and i already register each track to adrev if i don’t , i use the watermarked verison instead with download button on.

Ok thanks, i found this strange to listen watermarked tunes on SC…

Being Featured, does not help much.

I’m about to start and as musician and marketer, I would recommend to undersand what is required, there’s a n increasing production of video products from brands worldwide, in example, you can create sounds for each industry so video producers can have an audio product thought to fit perfectly with advertisements 5, 10 and 30 seconds long. And make advertising campaigns targeted to those producers… is just an idea, for more info write to


Does anyone have any solid data to prove that social media promotion leads to sales? Not that I doubt it, but it would be awesome to see some data from someone who has had success with social marketing.

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There are several blog posts here regarding social media with some data, like these two i read today:

Obviously, neither social media nor your own website will lead to sales unless you build your audience, thats the key of any SMM, especially if we are talking about such a niche like stock music i believe