How to sell pt. 2

Hey. A few months ago I asked how it is possible to sell a lot of their music . I was advised to create accounts in all social networks . I did it - but sales have not increased. How else can I raise its popularity among customers?

Here is my soundcloud page -
I got almost 1000 subscribers, but my selles have not grown. Help me please :sob:

Sry for my english by the way :smiley:

Actually this is a old good question :slight_smile:

Hello, only time & patience & industrious & a little bit of luckiness can help you!
Dont give it up, enjoy your working with your tracks!
Good luck!


Try to concentrate on music: quality and amount of approved tracks on AJ. If it would be a lot of good tracks with commercial sound would a lot of sales.

SMM and PR is secondary tool at this moment.

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First, you follow 1600+ people. I guess most of them followed you back. This is not necessary mean that they even LISTEN your stuff, not even buy it…
Second, soundcloud is just a head of the iceberg.

To be successful in sales, you have to be a little bit SEO-guy, you have to know html a bit, you need website, facebook page, twitter, youtube, vimeo, helpful links and partners and a LOT different things… And you also have to understand how this things works.

@InspireMotivate quality does not matter without HUGE PR/Social/Envato boost. Nobody knows that you produce quality and good stuff. So FIRST, not secondary, as you said - nice social media managment + PR, without it your items doomed te be lost in AJ.


Add 100+ tracks to your portfolio :slightly_smiling:

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I think more tracks means more sales. I know some AJ authors don’t have their website and social media pages but they still have lots of sales. So I think the product is the most important.

You should promote your links better. There’s one where it just says ‘My A.J.’ and then there’s a link. People might not know what A.J. is and even if you put AudioJungle then they might not know what that is. Another one says ‘support me:’ and then the link to AudioJungle. People might think it’s some link to donate.

Make it clear that if people like the track, want to download it without a watermark, or use it on their projects… then they should click the link.

Get your sales vibe on!

I think many make this mistake/presumption and it’s Important to keep in mind:

It’s not just uploading/sharing your content on SoundCloud (or any other social network for that matter) that’s the magic solution. I imagine that your 1,000 followers on SoundCloud for example are either music fans or fellow producers not interested in licensing your music or just “reciprocating followers” that have the misguided and not-necessarily-true presumption that following someone always equates to more potential exposure or sales.

It’s how and WHERE you then embed or share your music in front of the RIGHT people that matters. The right people are potential and existing customers, not your peers or fellow musicians or producers.

Having a presence on social media is just the beginning. It’s literally the equivalent of getting out of bed in the morning. So you’re out of bed, so what now? What are you going to do to not only get people to listen to your music, but buy it, and keep buying it?

Beyond the general advice of keep making great music (which is a given), here are a few tips for music marketing to get you thinking some more:

  • Upload and promote your music on YouTube and Vimeo. Be creative.
  • Create and maintain a newsletter for your customers
  • Differentiate yourself from your peers and competitors. Why should someone buy from you instead of the 12,000+ other AudioJungle authors?

It’s not so much about selling more, it’s about selling better.

If anyone is serious about selling more and selling better, my advice would be to ask the right questions. Instead of “how do I get more sales?” keep asking yourself the following type of questions instead:

  • What goals do I have?
  • How do I plan on achieving my goals?
  • How hard am I prepared to work to achieve my goals?
  • If I could only live off the money I’m making from RF music licensing this time next year, what needs to change in my life to make that happen?
  • How dedicated am I to making a massive improvement to what’s most important to me?
  • Does how I spend my time on a daily basis show me that selling RF is the most important thing in my life?

How serious, and just how far you want to take things and change things, will determine how many sales you will get. Only you have the power to control and impact your own destiny. Take command and go for it and enjoy the thrill of responsibility! I think you will be surprised just how far you can grow and succeed. Don’t fear failing. The only thing to fail is looking back one day in the future and realizing that you never gave it your best shot.

If you are seriously prepared to ask and do something about the kind of questions I listed earlier, the sales will eventually come and will take care of themselves. Always be honest with yourself, understand the values of patience and hard work, and keep asking yourself the right questions. :thumbsup:


Amazing! Big up Scott!

Now THIS is some motivational stuff right there! Spot on Scott :slight_smile:


also i note you make a really good music
but in my opinion, this is not sort of music people buy too much
if you speak russian, join this group
and read the way people do it
but, sorry, not with this type of music (but its great as I sad before)

oh man thanks for the advice

I got 2k subs on youtube its average 5 refferals per mounth. Soundcloud and facebook doesnt work for me :grinning: I would suggest you stick mostly with youtube, dont waste time and write more tracks

For some established author, the external website can give great amount of sales. But if you are still crawling to the top, try build the portfolio first. Some people got huge sales with only few tracks, but most of the authors aren’t.
Don’t forget to upload regularly and use the same image with little different text on it so people can recognize your releases. This is my first year on AJ, but I always try to upload at least 1 track a week (mostly I upload 2) and I can see that I got some constant buyers. :smile:


Wow! Well said Scott.

Best regards.