Tips for marketing your AJ portfolio?


I finally had a track accepted on AJ! No sales yet though, so I’m guessing that the hardest bit is going to be the marketing side of things. Does anyone have any tips in this area that I could try out?


A Google AdWords campaign would help a lot, link it to your AJ portfolio and run it for 15 days at $10/day, just as a test, and see what happens. We ran it for a month at $10/day and our sales considerably grew last month.
Otherwise, a free way to market your portfolio is working with the social networks, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ (with its communities).


Thanks I’ll do that. What’s the best platform for audio on Facebook? It doesn’t seem to be possible to upload audio, only a link, so I wondered if it would be possible to post the audio equivalent of a video post, so that the audio plays automatically, or at least can be played within the Facebook post rather than having to go to the external website.


Im new to audiojungle so I haven’t got a bag full of experience on here yet, but I’ve researched a few methods that seem to work for people. Youtube, soundcloud and other similar websites seem to bring in sales, you can market your songs on their as royalty free music and hope that you get traffic. Social networking of course will help, but from reading on the forums it seems facebook isn’t gonna bring your sales up loads. But set a page up anyways because it will only help promote yourself. Chat on the forums because the more you appear on here the better. Videohive users may click on your page if your regular on the forum which can only be good news. Keep uploading regularly so you build up your protfolio, and don’t be defeated if some of your tracks don’t sell because they will eventually (as long as the contents good). It only takes a few decent tracks to start making you some good money so keep at it!


Thanks, some really useful tips there! As with most things it seems like the marketing is just as important as the creative side!