Get people to check out my music?!?!

Hey AJ-Community

I’m super new to audiojungle and just got my first 2 tracks accepted. Whoopwhoop.

There are some things I’m wondering about and I hope the community can help me out.

I’ve got the feeling that there’s nobody checking out my profile and my songs. Is there a chance to promote myself or is there something I can do to make people check out my tracks?!
Would love hear your experiences!

The other thing is the upload limit. Is there a way to go premium to get unlimited (or greater) amount of uploads?

Thanks for your feedback! I’m looking forward to connect to fellow composers so let’s communicate :laughing:

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Top quality music will bring views. Awareness of your profile will take some time and you need to promote externally using YouTube and Soundcloud with links to your profile. Having 2 tracks approved is a start but you need to develop a portfolio that contains music that potential buyers want.
Upload limit will increase as your items are deemed high quality and your approval rate increases. No such thing as unlimited amount of uploads, just submit outstanding music.


Thanks so much for that info gballx.
That helps and I will definitely consider that!
Any tips for external promotion?
I have to admit, that’s not my strength. Haha, but it seems like there’s no way to avoid it.

What you’re saying about quality is definitely true. I always try to improve myself and deliver the best music I can.

Im excited about the next track wich is in review right now and I’m looking forward to make my first sale!

Also, put a link to your AudioJungle profile in your forum profile to get some visits by other authors.

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Hey Hyperprod

Great advice! Thanks :pray: and check :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For some reason your link isn’t “clickable”.

Hmmm… it’s a hyperlink but maby I’m overlooking something?!

It looks correct. Maybe it needs to be approved by a moderator or something or need some time to get updated.

You were right. I needed to become a trustworthy user :+1::v:
Now ist works

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Good stuff !
Good luck selling and variety of music in the portfolio.

Does anyone here actually have success in driving significant traffic to Audiojungle via Youtube/Facebook or other social media?

I see that a lot of authors here have social media but from I can tell the engagement is usually really low. So I was just curious if it can actually work or if it’s just a waste of effort.

It does not work for me and does not affect sales in any way.

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For me - not that I can tell and if traffic is directed from Soundcloud and You Tube, it will probably be gobbled up by the Elements banner that appears when what looks like a new IP address comes to visit.


It kinda used to work, yes. I have to admit not that much in my case, as I’m not a social media person at all but I know of many other authors who got great results investing the dedication, time (and eventually money) it takes to do that seriously.

Today I’d say it doesn’t work at all or it’s actually counterproductive as all customers you attract to Envato will be by all means possible forced to be re-directed to Elements, so personally I wouldn’t spend a minute on that the way things are today. Is like being a fast-food venue and promoting your direct competitor on every single sign in your packagings and locals. (Sorry for my English, I just woke up and have the brain grammar filter off yet) :sleeping:


Beautiful music!
Keep it up and good luck with sales!

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Thank you so much! I try my best…. But for now I have to wait for the next approvals.

As I’ve read here in the forum there is much less traffic on AJ these days then it was in the past. Lets hope this will change for the better!
Or would you guys recommend to apply for Envato Elements? If so: how?