Need help understanding the logic behind the sucess in audio jungle

Hi. I am a music composer / director in a small island called Sri Lanka. I’m very new to this audio jungle concept overall. Can some of you pro’s here kindly explaine me how can I find some sort of success here.

Thank you


I wouldn’t call myself a pro, but I do OK from Audiojungle. In my opinion, if you write good music that people want to buy that’s the main thing. Upload as regularly as you can also. Other things to keep in mind are tagging your songs with good descriptive words, making your profile page look pretty (or at least decent), good item descriptions and promotion through other sites such as youtube/soundcloud/facebook etc.
Another thing I have found useful is to find your niche - what I mean is, write in genres that you are good at - there are a ton of great corporate and motivational tracks here, as that does very well on this site, however, unless you can write and produce to the standard of the big sellers in these categories your music will go more or less unnoticed. I can’t/don’t want to write that style of music so I stick to what I enjoy and am good at, in my case, blues, country and bluegrass for the most part. This has served me quite well since I joined. Hopefully some of this helps!


Thanks a lot NathunGunn. It’s been a great help

Thanks a lot stockwaves. Just the info that I need

To succeed, you generally just consistently accumulate a variety of items. The more items you have, the more you come up in the search engine, the more things authors will have to buy from you. The more you upload, the more you appear on the front page and at the top of the search engine results. Occasionally authors get lucky in creating just the right song and releasing it at just the right time which takes a bit of research, and songs like that have to be particularly high quality and versatile. Doing that is really more for composers who have a lot of experience in the industry.
Once you have something to show on AJ, you can link it to your facebook, upload videos of your music on youtube and advertise it on soundcloud or blogs.


Thank you for the info my friend. I’ll keep that in mind

Don’t put yourself down, it’s the 26th largest island in the world. Stick two Sri Lankas next to each other, and it’s about the same size as New Zealand!


:joy: thank you for the encouragement my friend. It kind of feels that way here but I think like that I got no future. Thanks again spacestockfootage

You need a perfect track that no one can resist. Or a blend of many genre’s.

Thank you altmusic.I’m working on some thing now.I m shooting for the first one.

I just submitted my second song, I´m trying to do the right things. for instance some say, this is a marathon, not a speed race. I`m trying to understand how to promote well in youtube, Facebook, twitter, soundcloud, and its taking me forever.

Fiverr is a great time saver, for graphics, SEO, and any digital services you might need

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Thank you foxbeat. I’m doing music and what good other sites are there for music track publishing

I guess Youtube, Soundcloud and Facebook are the best marketing tools; I’m really having a hard time trying to understand them for professional use other than the regular personal posting

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Same here man. You have got to change your image totally I guess

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Just to offer a different opinion… can anybody seriously explain how the hell putting your music on soundcloud/twitter/facebook/youtube is going to improve your sales? Unless you happen to be an international music star, or you happen to be famous for something outside of music production (eg you’re a celebrity who suddenly decides to make RF music), all these claims about outside promotion are complete nonsense in my opinion. I have about 500 facebook friends, zero of them have ever bought an RF track from anywhere. And zero of them would even know what RF music is, nor would they ever need to know. The way I see it, AJ is a supermarket; our job is to milk our cows and stick the milk on the shelf; AJ does a brilliant job providing a shelf for us to put our milk on display, because the tiny percentage of people who like milk know that AJ is the best place to get it.


You make a great point blueskyaudio. Thank you for your opinion.

Way to succeed on AJ is simple:

  1. Work hard on quality, improve your skills, produce quality items constantly.
  2. Patience and a bit of luck.
  3. See point 2 :slight_smile:

Thank you DPmusicstudio. Thinks that I can’t control I don’t really like but got my fingers crossed

Sometimes I think the same way you do, and to give you a valid point, none of the top authors have a really solid social media marketing. Nevertheless, I guess having those windows open, why not use them? Maybe someone needs a background music for a presentation and he/she is doing a google search, having the right keywords, SEO, and so on, will lead them to you. Or maybe investing a little in a facebook page, targeting the right people at advertising, marketing, video editors, game developers, etc. you can score. It’s only a thought and I could be very mistaken, I’m new at this, so trial and error. Cheers!!