Popular Styles on Audio Jungle

I am new to AudioJungle and am wondering if there’s a way to see what styles of music is popular/selling the most on AudioJungle? Thank you for your help really appreciate it!


I’m new here too, but what I’ve been doing so far is going to All Items > Top New Files, which will show you the best selling tracks of the past month.

Then once you’re on that page you can further refine your search using the filters on the left. For example if you select “Music” from the Category dropdown, you will be able to see the number of tracks submitted in each style. You can then further filter by sales, price, length, tempo, etc. to get more detailed information if you want.


Okay awesome thank you!

You have to do what you do best!


Absolutely! Thanks!

Corporate and Cinematic tracks are most popular. But you should know. Very big
competition there. Everyone want have many sells. Suggesting to create at different genres. Good luck! :call_me_hand:

this question worries newbies! should be done in the style in which you do best! but also look at trending work by popular authors! strive to do in the styles that are best promoted at the moment, the professional composer must adapt to the trends!
all good sales!