Most popular items on Audiojungle right now?

Hello! Just want to try to back on Audiojungle.
What’s the most popular genre of music on Audiojungle right now?

…Corporate / Motivational :wink:

By far.

Though there are still plenty of other genres that are selling well here - Indie Rock, Folk, Acoustic, Epic / Cinematic, Ambient etc.

The best genre to write in though, is the one that you enjoy most!


I’m down with @JamesVMusic.
Up to date the most popular is Corporate/Motivational.
Also as popular as Cinematic/epic.

Oldschool hiphop will be the next best thing, mark my words! :wink:

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Yeah, Corporate Motivational kind of owns the top spot here, but in my experience, my best sellers have been dance-y pop tracks.

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Apparently, there’s just one song that sells, but it has 20,000 versions. You have to call it “Motivational”, “Inspirational”, or “Corporate” and it has to have the same overall structure as all the other songs and no variation in production. Just listen to this week’s top song. In fact, pick a week, any week.

Sadly, I’m not joking.


The fact that something is popular doesn’t mean it’ll bring you good sales



Unfortunately, if you listen to EVERY week’s popular track this year since about February, it’s the same track. That track has absolutely dominated the list for almost an entire year, each week selling upwards of 100, and many times has come close to 200. It was created late October last year and has since acquired 6,000+ sales. It’s a well produced track, but it seems to be selling disproportionately better than every other track. It’s unstoppable. Meanwhile, a few positions down on the list and those tracks will be getting 20-40 sales less depending on the time of year.

I also concur about the title naming situation. Too many authors are having to resort to generic titles just to ensure they have a chance amongst the flood of newly approved items. It’s got to change.


Almost a year at 100 to 200 sales a week seems almost “suspiciously” better. It’s as if people are just checking the popular items and buying the first track without even searching. It’s not likely to get that many licenses from search engine results. In fact, if you type the name of the song, “inspiring”, the song doesn’t even appear until page six of the results sorted by default as “best match”. Many buyers are tired of listening by that time and have moved to another site. It’s also not likely that external promo would be the cause of so many licenses for that long a period.

Considering that buyers might be heavily targeting the top seller list and not searching as much as they would if the list didn’t exist, perhaps the existence of a top seller page is indirectly causing the copy-cat syndrome and discouraging creativity, which in turn could eventually cause the customer traffic to dwindle or not increase to the extent that it could. So, that top seller page could be doing more harm than good in the long run.


It used to be cemented at the top of the search results among other top sellers until a welcome change was made around August which gave newer items more of a chance at exposure. Though, like you said, it seems to have made no difference as it’s still “stickied” (forgive the pun) to the top of the popular files list.

In response to a forum post a while ago (about some files selling disproportionately to others on the popular files list), one of the AJ staff mentioned that there would be some changes made in the future. I’m hoping that wasn’t just the search algorithm revision but also a restructuring of the popular files page to equally promote all the top weekly sellers.

It has, and it will :frowning:

I agree, but maybe there is some psychological benefit to it (at least for Envato, in terms of earnings).
Every author can see tracks that get into the popular item page and sell a ton of copies. I suspect that it gives authors hope that their new track can become the next big thing. That way, authors work harder and produce more tracks.
I know that at least for me, seeing items on the popular file list is really motivating, even if that’s not totally rational (because the chances of getting into the list is super-small, even with great track), I can’t help it :]


I too suspect that is one reason the top seller list is there. Envato appears to lure its content producers to the site by giving them a sense of community. It’s almost like these forums are Facebook or Twitter. It’s a form of networking (that some people are using for recruiting purposes, eventually). You see threads about reaching milestones, you get badges, people congratulate each other, collaborate, blah, blah, blah. In reality, this does nothing for sales directly. It gets you to submit content, and keep submitting. You are drawn in by it with your goal to reach the top seller list and earn recognition amongst your peers. We are drinking “soma”.

Right hear, picture Big Brother’s smiling face filling the monitor screen.

You, as a member of this brave new world, have become part of the force that fuels the machine and you are an important part of the equation. So important, that you will ignore a non-exclusive composer split that is 14% below the industry standard, forget about performance royalties, and believe that a $75,000 sales goal is just around the corner. You want to contribute and you want to be approved as we all work together towards this common goal and level nirvana badge. We can make this place great… Uh, wait a minute. What’s happening here?

Mr. Envato, tear down this list! I want my life back!!

But, you can leave the forum. It’s pretty cool.

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Yeah but it motivates you into creating almost identical content. The sad thing about the snowball effect is that most (or all) snowballs look and sound the same.

I was very enthusiastic to know the “Top New Items” was introduced as this would offset the “dinosaur item” problem, if only by just a bit. Well, that kind of worked, because now we have “new” items in popular files list. The next problem we need to address is that those “new” items all sound the same. It has a degrading effect on both buyers and authors and creates a bad image for AJ overall - this could be devastating in the long run.

The most obvious solution is to remove the “popular files” page altogether (the “top new files” will better serve its purpose and take its place), but since that probably will never happen (since there’s probably a very high conversion rate behind those “popular files” page clicks), I’d like to propose a division by category. It may very well be true that those 2 or 3 copy-paste tracks do the job for most buyers in the corporate category, and so if we have category division they will still be able to quickly find them. But there will also be much more exposure for the best selling items in the other categories, which is ultimately what everybody is asking for.


Boy, would that be something!