How are AudioJungle buyers searching for music?

Out of interest I did a basic music search under Music - Corporate, which obviously showed a massive list of tracks.
I scrolled through several pages of very usable tracks but with very few sales, so are buyers just heading to the ‘Popular Files’ page to pick off the cream of the tracks?
I also added in a few tags like ‘Motivational’ & ‘Inspirational’ which gave the same few pages with very little sales?

I’d like to know the process that buyers go through… How they search? How long do they take to get that perfectly fitting track? Something that hasn’t been used several thousand times?

Or is it not so important as long as it’s in an acceptable range for the desired style?

I think you pretty much answered all your questions yourself.

The thing with the bestsellers is that they are constructed so that they fit well enough with most generic projects. Corporate video producers don’t spend that much time finding the perfect track, they need a track quickly that’s good enough.

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So it’s a much harder slog unless/until you get on the ‘Popular Files’ page…
which really does open up a big doorway to a portfolio.

Any buyers willing to comment?

yup, it’s like the Flumen said, and this is because recently Envato changed the search algorithm (you can find a lot of people complaining about that on the forum)… this means that new authors have very little chance to sell anything from the search itself…

… so how did it work before and how does the new algorithm affect it now?

I came here after they did it, so I am not competent… :wink:

I am not competent… sorry )