What’s good about AudioJungle

Hi everybody!

Some of the authors (including myself) are complaining from time to time about many things here but there’s always a bright side and I wanted to highlight some of the things that I personally like:

  • Producing music became my main job thanks to AudioJungle. I started here 2 years ago and it went really well so me and my friend decided to quit our jobs and concentrate on one thing that we love - Music.
  • AudioJungle is still one of the most democratic music stock markets. You can experiment with different genres and if the quality of a track is good enough it will be accepted in a week or two (which is pretty fast comparing to some other markets).
  • Sometimes Envato introduces contests with “Featured Item” as a main prize. This is really cool. We won one of them and it boosted our music career. So don’t miss any of them! :wink:
  • Envato has a great community and many useful information can be found on Forums (only few other markets have open forums for users and authors).

So, these are my bright sides of the jungle :slight_smile:
What are yours?

  • You can do whatever, whenever and wherever you want!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weRHyjj34ZE :smiley::rofl::crazy_face:


Agree with the benefits!!!

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I think that recently sales have fallen very much. Is it good for AudioJungle? Previously, this was not. A lot of tracks are similar. Therefore, everyone wants to get into the top-list on the main page. But this place is not for everyone.

The rating system is incorrect in principle. But this is a private business, and AudioJungle does what it wants. This is the right of their owners. And everyone understands this. Therefore, there is nothing to be done about it. Customers buy what they want to sell, as in a store window and do not listen to other material.

This is problem. This needs to be changed as soon as possible.

They are trying hard to move AJ in the new direction and are featuring and promoting more and more new modern genres. In the last few months we had future bass, boom bap, hip hop, synthwave and many more contests. We have more than enough corporate tracks here, so thanks Envato for trying to keep things fresh, updated and trendy. I think this is the right path.
Oh yeah, and I like the fact that I can work from home if I want to and not have a boss :slight_smile:


Thanks beepcode,
But I wanted to create a topic about good AudioJungle, cause there are already enough complains…
So maybe not everything is so bad? What do you like about AudioJungle?


The “Envato” there are positive and negative sides. but the main thing is that “Aj” gives you the opportunity to earn on the creativity and this is important. Thank You “Envato”.


Good vibes coming from this thread! props to @ArtMaks .
Like fellow authors said, this is an opportunity that can have many outcomes; it’s up to us to explore it an make it work in the best way.

Best wishes!


Potential opportunity to get to the top-list.

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Well, I just started my AudioJungle quest for about one month and I really happy for the opportunity that we could get here. Before I found this site I never thought that we can earn money from making lovely stock music.

I mean for a beginner like me, AudioJungle gives so much advantages, such as huge exposure to global customer base and the forum that has plenty of very useful information. Thanks Envato and AJ! :kissing_heart:


I think that if a person is prepared for success (mentally and professionally) than Envato will make their dreams come true :slight_smile:


I’m a user/buyer. Have bought licenses on quite a few AE templates and the soundtracks that go with them. And that is what makes Envato beneficial to me. AE templates that the AE creators make, AND make to the sountrack!!! It saves an awful lot of production time to buy the bundle then customize it rather than searching endlessly through audio tracks for just the right one, that, after another endless search, will fit the AE template OR, have to create an AE template for the soundtrack ( which we did on one occasion, horribly expensive). The other thing is price. $12 to $20 USD for a custom audio track is really inexpensive, compared to other places. Enough so that its worthwhile buying the license, creating the video. If it were higher, there’s no way independents like me could create the videos for small businesses, individuals, etc.


There is always that jolt of excitement when a track sells…and always the thought that maybe one day we will make it big :smiley:


Yes! you are right, despite the fact that many complain of the misery of sales.

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As someone starting here and having more tracks rejected than accepted , I still think it’s a fantastic opportunity for composers/producers to constantly up their games and understanding what music buyers need… Audio Jungle is challenging so thank you AJ for that!! Challenge accepted!!


Mate i’ve purchased two ‘logo reveals’ from Audio Jungle/Video Hive and can’t work out how to use them in Final Cut Pro X or even iMovie. Very frustrating from a customers perspective and i feel it’s been a waste of money

:australia: AudioJungle the most famous and largest audio stock!! It has a user-friendly interface, beautiful Design. It is home to the Best authors from around the world! People will find here high-quality music for every taste! “Thank you Envato” - for this opportunity to become a part of this musical World! :+1:

Potential opportunity to get to the top-list

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Hi @ArtMaks, Hi guys!

We like this positive outlook! In our work, we noticed that the market demand that AJ covers has helped us to improve technically and learn a lot more about various styles. And of course, other benefits like those already mentioned, are very positive!

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mmh …
tome to think about it… :slight_smile: a big opportunity to learn a lot, to challenge myself and interact with other authors … and of course learn from them :smiley:

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