Tips on being successful with AudioJungle


I am new to AudioJungle and I’d love to get some tips on being successful on here and how to get featured?!

There are over half a million tracks on here and only 52 feature slots per year… so no, there’s no tip on how to get featured. Also there are something like 16,000 authors, how many are successful? a hundred? 200 at the very most.

With each new track being uploaded, the music is being devaluated some more. Only utter despair awaits us all. When the last composer will have hanged themselves with a jack cord, then AI will pick up after us. And it’ll do the job better.


I like that picture :sunglasses:. For VST users, maybe a MIDI cable is more appropriate though…


LOL!!! :grin:

Сorrect a little , of the tracks are not a half million but 320 000 which increases the probability of falling into the fame . though not much increase but still .

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Well… just enjoy your work, learn about to get approved and how to do things better, build your own network… and be part of this amazing community! :smiley:



@wadeupmusic alternatively, if you’re short on jack cords and/ or Skynet, you could check out @AurusAudio’s article here:


It depends on what you mean by successful. If you mean a lot of total sales with a good rating, there’s hundreds or thousands of successful authors. If you mean making a living to pay rent, food and utilities solely from AJ, yeah there’s not too many.

Generally authors don’t quit their day job to come to AJ right away. What they do is build their portfolio, and over time they gain sales, search engine results and reputation. If they’re lucky, they will increase their monthly revenue to make enough money to quit their job, there are some quitting stories here in the AJ forums.

First of all do not striving for getting successful here this is the way you can get frustration after not being successful. Just try to produce quality music with “audiojungle style” enjoy the process and have fun with music production. This is the way of your success and happiness. Other external success can happen or can’t so it is depends from luck i guess.


Don’t know what you mean with this gif, but I am glad our being despaired amuses you.


Well I have been ranking between 800 and 1000 for a few years now, and you can have a look at my total sales count… I wouldn’t say it’s a lot.

I know there are some job quitting stories on AJ. And most of them have been disastrous.

Anyway, it’s not my intention to bum everyone out, so I’ll leave it at that.

You’re not bumming people out, you’re being honest which I think is good for new authors as they need to recognise they’re chucking a pebble in a sea here. My experience as a long-term author is the same and can add that even being a contributor for a long time here has no effect on your success.

In other words, don’t expect any favours for uploading consistently for years, but do for knowing and cosying up to the right decision makers internally (I’ve never brown nosed but maybe I should?). I uploaded a track here recently as it’s been a few months, yet despite the quality and style of the track working for AJ’s market (I should know, I’ve been here long enough and have sold enough to see what works), this track was rejected. A little annoying when you see sub-par tracks getting approved at the same time, but hey.

So be prepared for that, the feeling there are quotas for uploads and limits on how much you can earn each month. The feeling that you might make it, but it’s highly likely you’ll end up receiving handouts like the rest of us. All that said, I expect you’ll join the Musician’s Lottery here regardless!

Something to bear in mind is that AJ isn’t a good fit for everyone. I’ve slowly grown out of this place and, despite liking it here originally, prefer working with other libraries now as I’ve gotten better returns and have a proper business relationship with people who understand the music industry. That’s the real way to improve as proper feedback on tracks, rather than a copy-paste hard reject, is going to help you hone your skills and up your game.

So if it doesn’t work for you here or you get frustrated with the closed ecosystem on Envato, then remember there are many other libraries with whom you can develop a fruitful and financially-rewarding relationship. Envato used to be better in that respect, but since they went heavily corporate a number of years ago they lost their personal touch, particularly in the forums.

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I wouldn’t say that’s bad, you just wouldn’t expect to pay your living expenses with it which is also typical. Making a lot of sales is no easy task. The more you work on it the more successful it will become.

totally agree :slight_smile:

good question but just know this: if AJ sto accepting files they well be fully funcional, so artist did jobes done for them…


out of the 548K audio files on AudioJungle, 100K are sounds (1 USD / each)…
so rejoice, the song archive has not got over 500K :))

How much monthly revenue should an author have for you to consider him/her successful? After the taxes.

It’s an international community so it’s very important what is the cost of living locally for every author. For example, for US authors $800 monthly revenue is ridiculously little amount, whereas it’s considered a good salary in Eastern Europe.


So what you’re saying is that you have to live in a poor country in order for Audiojungle to be worth it?

This is sad, because when you consider AJ is from a rich country, then you can see this as a form of exploitation pure and simple. This is like saying “sure, Nike is paying people in Vietnam less than a dollar a day for making shoes, but hey, it’s actually okay because this is good money for them!”

Anyway, I was taking into account the cost of living in my statement. Or else, I would have said less than fifty people are successful. Let’s be honest, how many Eastern Europeans are living like kings in their country with their AJ earnings? Ok, let’s not say “like kings”, but more factually, how many do reach $800 a month?

I can see many authors are passionate about the marketplace, and I can understand that for sure. I am passionate as well. But the truth is, the shift to one big low-cost marketplace for all buyers and all authors is crushing the vast majority of authors.

Being dedicated and persistant is the best thing you can do in any line of work. Especially when the work you do the success you have it depends 99% on your effort. And this is AJ, at least for me.

It depends on how high and how realistic your expectations are. There are a lot of composers that are stuck producing 1 type of music genre or doing the things “their own way” and blame the market why they are not successful.

All the successful people in AJ if you ask them why they are successful i bet they wont tell things like “i was lucky” or “i wrote one good song once and became featured and then i was magically successful” ect. Success isn’t something that happens magicaly in 1 moment if you become featured or win American idol. Its something that hard work, persistance and understanding the marketplace you are working on matters.

Im fairly new here but buisness is buisness and the same rules apply everywhere. Build a strong portfolio, work hard, socialise as much as you can and be kind.

At least thats my view on things :slight_smile:

Clearly, I didn’t write or mean this. I stated that for authors from low cost countries it’s easier to make a living solely from AJ. I don’t know whether you have to live in a poor country in order for AJ to be worth it. One of the reasons why I asked you a question was to find out exactly that.

This part of your post is based on your assumption that I’m advocating AJ and justifying their actions/taxes which is not the case.


I have no idea. That’s why I was interested in your opinion in the first place. Clearly you don’t think they’re many. I don’t have this information but would love to get this info.

I agree. I don’t claim that AJ’s taxation is just, but we’re living in the era of capitalism and it is the reality. Still, working for AJ sounds hell of a lot more fun for me than working in an office. The working model of AJ for authors involves no interaction with clients, deadlines, or alarm clocks which is a dream come true for me. Also, it gives us the access to a huge online market, so the reality is that you and I need AJ (or some other stock site like AJ), otherwise we wouldn’t be here. I’m a beginner in music production in general and AJ helps me get better with their hard rejects (even though they don’t provide any real feedback). So for now I’m going to stay here, that’s all. Alternatively, we can always try other stock music sites, nobody’s forcing anyone to stay here.

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