Goodbye Audiojungle

Hi all. I have to say that as author I am disappointed.

We guys are working on our projects for hours, days, even months sometimes and we get for that 9 bucks. I know that we sell just licence and that project can be sold 100 times,but be serious, of 300 000 tracks what chances are for that?Fares for authors are also too low. For someone who can be payed for normal job around 30-40 dollars per hour isn’t this crazy? You buy equipment and do everything. Prices and rates for authors are tooooo low.

I know there is a lot of opinions about this subject, but sadly I am giving up of this job.

See you AJ and many great authors!

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I’m curious why you weren’t disappointed 18 months ago when you first decided to upload an item… as the item prices and the author commissions were just the same back then?

Haha, It doesn’t have any difference than and now. How could I realize that if I don’t have any experience?Right?

Well you seem to be mainly complaining about the item prices and the commission rate, all of which are published on the site and available to view prior to uploading your first item. I think your main concern is actually this part…

“I know that we sell just licence and that project can be sold 100 times,but be serious, of 300 000 tracks what chances are for that?”

It seems that if your items had sold about 100 times each, then you’d be pretty happy with the site? Lots of people sell their items 100 times. Some sell them 1000 times and a select few sell them 10,000 times or more. As a result, the amount of times that something sells isn’t dictated or limited by the site itself.

I’ve had one item sell over 100 times. The only reason I’ve not had anything sell 1000 times, or had more than one item sell more than 100 times, is purely down to the fact that I’ve not yet created anything that has warranted that many sales. I only have myself to blame… but I’m working on it. Things are afoot at the Circle-K.

But anyway, I wish you luck in your future endeavours!

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Thank you. Also, good luck here :slight_smile:

The only thing I wish here is a 100% earnings from sales that would be great :smiley: AJ is still my main money source, But it requires a lot of work and luck to success here :wink:
Hope you will find something that will fit you’re needs, good luck! :slight_smile:

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Becoming an Elite author increases the percentage you get per sale… why not climbing the mountain?


My sales have been slowwww. The struggle is real as they say. But - they also say, “Must be present to win”. Keep sharpening the craft regardless of where you try to sell. Best of luck!

If you’re exclusive.

well indeed, if u are talking generically u are right , the problem is how many of us are really reaching this incredibly interesting number of sales in the end? well , i tell you not so many of us … . My best best seller has been sold 62 times or something like this and that’s still very far away from the 100 milestone. By the way that’s not so much of a big deal because i were selling my items 62 times each, man! i would be the happiest guy on earth!

what he’s been mentioning is true and that’s a fact … that’s becoming harder and harder for guys to make decent money and thus us to survive … . Yes here they are N°1 and yes they will offer u more opportunities to sell than any other marketplace , at least it seems so , but let’s face it the fees are way too high and things are not getting any better this way.

U also said that the number of sales is not limited for here , well, so to speak that maybe true but in fact , it somehow some way is , as let’s be honest, the more time elapses and the more authors and items u turn out to be. the direct consequence of this is that sales are being “shared” by many as the flow of purchases is not increasing proportionally and that a lot of guys buying will turn out to say , oh this guy is an elite author so i will but from him because that has to be a high value item , which makes the whole thing harder for average paws and lower ones

in additon, u seem to pretty clearly sure that u can have a “recipe” to make these many sales, well indeed, u are pretty confident as in my view nobody can just do that unless they spend their whole time promoting themselves or that the pay good money to googleadwords or something so that u massively gain in popularity and visibility. But, even when so is that akin u so much better off in any case? if u have to spend big to earn more, then u have to check that is worth the drive and u see a real difference in what u out in your pocket finally …

“competition” (even if most of us do not feel this way fortunately enough) is tough here no matter what the marketplace is … many guys in the roster, tons of items and getting noticed and selling is already much of a big deal … and yes u are pretty right , tons of work, time and attention are required to manage to achieve some sales …

well basically u are right , the problem is that before reaching there u’ll have to go through a super long while, a lot of work and really tough times …

you are basically right all the way, but just try to stick to it all the same , no guts no glory , cheap successes are not much of a big deal but when u manage to do something out of tough situations like this, man , you can look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of anything thing that u have done. Indeed, maybe u should just shift way of working and try to insure some revenue somewhere and try to make some extra cash here out of making the most of some spare time sometimes for instance …

exclusive or not fees are very high, the difference is just about the possibility or not that some guys have to sell somewhere else lol

I have some of the same issues as you, but I doubt I’ll ever take my stuff off of here, because no matter how you slice it, it’s incremental money. It’s like saying, “welp, I don’t need to continue pulling income from this source anymore.” Much of what you are saying is sort of endemic of stock music in general.

Unless of course someone is an exclusive author, then leaving can make sense, but most of the other (stock) markets don’t differentiate between exclusivity anymore, Envato is one of the few. However, I don’t see much of an advantage in being exclusive here, especially in terms of the audio market, because there’s just so many other baskets to put your eggs in.

I also think that as long as globalization remains a factor - and it certainly seems like it will for the foreseeable future - prices for digital goods will remain low, or continuously be driven down, as the supply will continue to outpace demand.

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Good luck to you.

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I would suggest to try to ‘digest’ the small prices for a while and take them as they are. At first, I remember thinking leaving AJ for similar reasons.
But i resisted and started to browse through the portfolios of AJ’s amazing authors … and in the end I decided that if it’s ok for Pink Zebra then it’s ok for me :smile:
Best of luck, whatever your decision.

I think making real money on AudioJungle is a task that might lasts years, not months. I think you need a huge catalog of items and also some external marketing, my last item was on page 10 here after 2 or 3 days, I wonder that even someone bought it although I made no advertising for it.


Hi guys!Good music-more money,bad music-no money:-)

Darn it - I wish somebody had said this to me sooner. ^^